December 2, 2023

Another crazy video of the war in Ukraine has gone viral on the Internet.

In a viral video tweeted by Rob Lee, two Ukrainian helicopters fire missiles at Russian positions, and the video is pretty epic. (Related: David Hoxtedt is the true king of the North when it comes to college football)

Give it a look below. It might be the craziest thing you see all day.

Once again, we have another brutal video from the war in Ukraine. At this point, nothing would surprise me in terms of war footage from the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

I feel like we’ve seen it all at this point. We have seen helicopters being shot down, tanks being attacked, gun battles and everything else you can imagine.

While Ukraine certainly lost some territory, it still fought like absolute dogs against the Russian invaders, and it was great to watch.

When your country is invaded, your only option is to start shooting! This is exactly what the Ukrainians have been doing for months.

Be sure to keep checking out the latest war footage from Ukraine as we have it!

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