December 4, 2023

video Shared on social media On Saturday, an unusual weapon emerges from a Russian vehicle and strikes downward at unbelievable speed, causing an explosion inside. Close examination indicates that this is the first sign of Ukraine deploying EFPs, a type of weapon fired from a distance from Western-equipped 155mm howitzers. These smart artillery shells could wreak havoc among Russian invaders thanks to precision self-guided munitions teaming up with target-finding drones.

The video was posted by Next TVa Belarusian-in-exile channel originating from Poland, and the target looks like a Russian Pantsir-S1A truck-mounted anti-aircraft system with twelve missiles and two 30mm automatic cannons, as well as radar and other sensors to guide them. The Pantsir-S1 is supposed to provide protection against drones; The fact that the video was filmed from a drone a few kilometers away shows that Russian air defenses are still leaking.

In the 3 second mark in the videoa small explosion occurred at an altitude of 150 meters above the Panstsir-S1, and after a moment – literally the next tire – the car crashed and exploded.

This unusual sequence is a signature of a file explosive projectile or EFP. This type of weapon is characterized by explosives formed in a hollow cavity lined with metal; When detonated, the metal lining compresses into an aerodynamic alloy at a high speed that can easily penetrate armor. EFP is most commonly associated with Heat or problem charge warhead that produces an armor-piercing jet of short range; An EFP slug that penetrates less armor but can have a range of hundreds of metres.

It looks like the weapon in the video is a Additional 155mm artillery shell, a type produced by BAE Systems that delivers two EFP-based subunits over a target area from a distance of up to 20 miles. These tiny monstrosities spread tiny “wings” and spin downward, scanning the ground below for vehicles. When they find one, they run the EFP, with the results shown in the video. They can quickly destroy large armored formations, or provide specific kills against individual vehicles.

A more detailed video from BAE Systems showing how the device works in slow motion can be seen here. This special weapon was likely provided by French Nexter Company along with 155mm Caesar Long Range Rifles Introduction from France.

This type of artillery-fired EFP is almost identical to the United States SADARM – Sensation and Destruction of Armor It was developed in the 1980s, but was shelved because it wasn’t considered cost-effective. Instead, the United States now has M982 Excalibur 155mm rounds, also made by BAE Systems that rely on GPS guidance to hit vehicles with a standard high-explosive charge, and laser-guided copperhead.

One bonus feature over dumb rounds is that instead of laying down a volley or doing multiple rounds to set fire to the target, the gunner can “shoot and go” after just one shot. This makes it more difficult for the Russian anti-battery to fire from its numerically superior artillery. Russian self-propelled guns and rocket launchers are likely to be at the top of the list of bonus targets, although valuable targets such as the Pantsir – have been sold to the United Arab Emirates.The United Arab Emirates
in more than For more than $12 million per vehicle – It might be higher.

The video was shot from a drone, which highlights another important aspect of Ukrainian artillery. Long range accurate fires like HiMAREnglish
An S rocket launcher and a bonus is useless unless you know exactly where the enemy is. Bonus rounds search in an area two hundred meters wide, so the target must be located with this level of accuracy, but it doesn’t have to be highlighted with a laser locator as Copperhead targets do. Effective coupling of battlefield drones and artillery allows targets to be quickly identified and focused, and bonus rounds make them even more lethal.

It was France Slow to supply heavy weapons to Ukraine. But the new APC rounds seem to be causing a real headache for Russia, and speeding up the rate of erosion of the invasion force. This is the kind of weapon Ukraine needs, and if this video is any indication, it works just as intended.

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