December 3, 2023

End USFL The inaugural season was as amazing as its beginning, and bettors who have followed the league may not have been surprised Birmingham Stallion win it all.

After defeating the Philadelphia Stars 33-30 in a thrilling Sunday Night Football Showdown on FOX, the Stallions officially rode for the Championship Cup.

The Stallions have been the most consistent team in the USFL, and from a betting perspective, the punters who backed the burgundy and white got a good return on their investment.

Including the playoffs, B-Ham dominated, finishing the season 11-1 straight (SU). This means that the bettors who played Birmingham on the money streak for 12 weeks made good profits.

And although the stallions did not cover up in the championship match, they still made their fans some money. The more modest ROI – but still a proposition to make money – was the ROI when betting on them to cover each game. The team finished with a 7-5 record for difference (ATS), and punters earned cash 58% of the time.

Giddy all the way to the bank, Birmingham bettors. I won it.

And from covering the difference to winning the championship trophy, the stallions definitely won their winning season. While Birmingham made it look easy on the field, most people weren’t expecting their dominant season, the odds included. In fact, entering the regular season, Birmingham was not one of the favorites to win it all. Before the season started, the team’s odds of winning the title were listed in +550 in FOX Betwhich ranked fourth.

While futures contracts for the second season of the USFL are not yet available, FOX House Sports trader Martin Pascual expects next season to be even more exciting for fans and bettors.

“With one season already played, there will be more awareness now, and people will be more interested in betting on this sport,” Pascual predicted.

As this interest grows, bettors of a lesson should remember that betting on the underdog can be both fun and profitable. The hero Stallions is a perfect example of this fact.

Will the stallions run the league next season as they did in the inaugural year? Or will the spoils be awarded to a new victor next year? Stay connected with FOX Sports as it all unfolds!

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