December 6, 2023

Two police officers were shot and taken to hospital Monday night during a 4th of July fireworks display in Philadelphia, leading to a stampede of fleeing attendees.

In the aftermath of the deadly mass shooting at a Chicago Independence Day parade that left six people dead and dozens injured, two police officers were shot in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art while on duty at the Fourth of July festivities in Chicago. Historic city.

Both officers sustained minor injuries and have since been released from hospital Philadelphia Inquirer mentioned.

One officer sustained a shoulder wound, while the other officer sustained a similar wound to his forehead, where the bullet was found in his cap.

At a news conference outside Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw said, “It’s a miracle, the fact that the shot stopped in his hat…I first went inside, hit his forehead, then the shot stopped in his hat.”

“We are all very grateful that this was no worse than it was,” she added.

Outlaw said there were currently no arrests and no suspects had been arrested as of 12:30 a.m. Tuesday. It is also unclear whether the officers were deliberately targeted or whether this was the result of stray shooting.

The shooting, which occurred around 10 p.m., led to a stampede of people trying to flee Benjamin Franklin Parkway as they gathered to watch a fireworks display above the art museum. The shooting came after a free concert in the city, in which R&B singer Jason Derulo participated.

Chaotic footage posted on social media showed hundreds of people fleeing the shooting as fireworks continued to erupt in the background. No injuries were reported as a result of the stampede.

Criticizing the Supreme Court for repealing a New York law that placed restrictions on the carrying of guns in public, Philidephiphia Mayor Jim Kenney said: “The weather was beautiful, the concert was beautiful, but we live in America and we have the Second Amendment and we’re having the Supreme Court of the United States tell everyone they can.” carry arms wherever they want.”

“We have to understand what this country is about now. We had a nice day there today except for some people who own a gun and probably shouldn’t have.”

The shooting in Philadelphia followed a deadly attack in Chicago earlier in the day when six people were shot dead and 24 wounded. Police arrested Robert E. Cremo III is connected to the shooting.

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