December 3, 2023

Authorities said two police officers were released from a Philadelphia hospital where they were treated for gunshot wounds Monday night.

The officers, whose names have not been released, have been identified as longtime members of local law enforcement offices by Police Commissioner Daniel Outlaw. in the comments Given to the press after midnight. One is 36 and is currently assigned to the city’s Highway Patrol unit, while the other is 44 and works as a bomb squad technician at the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office.

Outlaw said the two officers were stationed in the area of ​​a Fourth of July celebration and concert in downtown Philadelphia, near the Art Museum, when the sounds of sudden gunfire caused a wave of panic among the crowd. Video shot Show attendees screaming as they run from the area.

The officers were the only ones injured during the shooting, as the bullets hit the forehead of a highway patrol officer and the bomb squad technician’s right shoulder. The shooting is being investigated by the Philadelphia Police Department, which is still trying to locate the suspect and determine whether the officers were deliberately targeted.

“We don’t know if this was a throwback from ceremonial shootings [or] Outlaw explained whether this was intentional, noting that it was not clear how many bullets were fired and those that hit the officers could be strays. No one had been arrested in connection with the shooting until Tuesday morning.

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenny appealed to lawmakers to pass tougher gun control measures in remarks addressing the incident, which came just hours after the mass shooting at the Fourth of July parade in Highland Park, Illinois, which At least six people were killed.

“This is an armed country,” Kenny said. “This is crazy, we are the most heavily armed country in the history of the world and we are one of the safest. Until the Americans decide they want to give up guns, give up the opportunity to get guns, we will do this problem.”

kenny added He would be “happy” when he’s not the mayor.

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