December 2, 2023

The official, who is from the Van Governor’s office and did not wish to be named, said the boy’s DNA was being tested in order to reveal his identity. The age of the child has not been confirmed.

The official said 12 other people were injured as a result of the accident but they are still in good condition, adding that none of the injured were children.

According to a statement issued by the governor’s office on Sunday, Turkish forces first asked the vehicle to stop. As she continued walking, the security forces opened fire in an attempt to stop the car.

Once stopped, Turkish personnel found that the vehicle was being used to smuggle migrants and found “40 irregular migrants” in it, according to the statement.

The statement added that although the forces targeted the wheels of the car, one person was killed by a bullet that ricocheted off the ground.

“Efforts are underway to arrest the driver of the car and the smuggler of migrants who managed to escape after the accident, and a judicial and administrative investigation is underway,” the statement added.

Kemal Tosun, who witnessed the accident, told Surbest TV in Turkey that some people in the car had managed to “escape”.

Another eyewitness, Dindar Tosun, said she saw families with children among the migrants.

The authorities did not confirm the nationalities of the occupants of the car.

Van Province is located near Turkey’s border with Iran and serves as a transit route for migrants from Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Central Asia.

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