December 2, 2023

Training camps are approaching, and then comes the 2022 NFL season. It will be a pivotal year for all the teams who have spent a lot of money this season to promote positions such as midfielder and wide receiver. But what about the teams that rely on the big names being overlooked or rehabilitated? Everyone loves a good comeback story, and we have a few for 2022.

Here are 10 players who are especially prepared for the bounce seasons:

He hasn’t led a winning team in five years, and his numbers are quite modest for the Falcons rebuilding team in 2021. Now, even if his arm hasn’t found new life at age 37, he must be rejuvenated with the new landscape. With Jonathan Taylor behind him and a solid defense at his side, he should be able to settle in as a point guard for an opponent in the playoff.

The former No. 1 overall pick is still held back by growing pains, but everything around him is better in 2022. The streak is improved with Brandon Sheriff now on the inside, skill sets at least deeper, and best of all, his now head coach ally. It’s going to be hard for Lawrence Not To take a step forward under Doug Pederson after a lukewarm rookie year.

King Henry still hits 937 yards in 2021 despite missing eight games, but as a former 2,000-yard backstroke he is capable of much more. And he should return to his heavy workload as the focal point of their attack, especially with QB Ryan Tannehill navigating a reconfigured pass foul and under pressure to deliver a playoff.

After missing the entire 2021 season with an ACL tear, the former Ohio State back should be the standout option in the Ravens’ ever-busy backfield. He was remarkably effective as a beginner (805 yards, 6.0 yards per carry, nine touchdowns) in part because he was sharing touches, but Baltimore seemed to double down on its first approach.

After losing the entire junior season to injury, Clemson’s producer became so Hunting to be a Deebo Samuel hybrid In Jacksonville, and with RB1 James Robinson recovering from his injury, the opportunity should be there. This is a double situation under new coach Doug Pederson, who likes to deploy many backs as QB safety valves.

One of the additions to the deal for free agency, JuJu proved more consistent than amazing even before a shoulder injury sidelined him for 12 games in the Steelers’ farewell. But consistency is good for Kansas City, as it should quickly emerge as an oversized target for Patrick Mahomes now that Terek Hill is out of the picture. He’s set to really go up his market.

If this man could enter the field, he would have a clear path back to the great numbers. The former all-star player has played extensively all seven games in the past two years, but if he still has a lot of personality, he should be the #1 exit for Jameis Winston. Extensive additions by Chris Olaf and Jarvis Landry create opportunities.

Perhaps one of the most underrated acquisitions of the year, Woods has for more than four years been the Rams’ most consistent. He doesn’t match AJ Brown’s outburst, since he’s gone, but his off-line intelligence should make him an early and frequent favourite for Ryan Tannehill, especially if Treylon Burks doesn’t show up right away.

They certainly pay him handsomely to bounce back, but that makes sense. While the A-Rob isn’t necessarily an Elite #1 at this point in his career, it’s safe to assume that the Bears’ woes were largely responsible for his stark decline in 2021. This is the man who’s been rocking the 1,100-yard seasons. Before that, and now he would have Matthew Stafford aim for him against Cooper Cope.

Six sacks in seven games are good things, but Hunter has yet to play after sustaining a chest injury in 2021, the second year in a row that he finished a season in the injured reserve. Switching to 3-4 may come with blocks, but with Za’Darius Smith now part of the spin and Harrison Phillips also connected up front, he should be released after QBs again.

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