December 5, 2023

It’s time for another round of QuordleThe game that separates linguists from linguists. I don’t know where I was going with this joke. Anyway, if today’s game bothers you, as it always does, I have some clues and answers to come.

If it’s your first time, here’s how to play Quordle: Just start writing the words. You have four five letter words to guess and nine attempts to find them all. The point is that you play all four words at once.

If you get a letter in the right place for any of the four words, it lights up green. If a word contains a letter from one of your guesses but is in the wrong place, it will appear in yellow. After you use a letter to guess, you will also see on the keyboard if it is in any of the words.

We hope you see a lot of green on the board. If you could use some help, here are some clues, followed by the answers:

Quordle Guides for July 5

  1. 1 word (top left) manual – action
  2. Word 2 (top right) – diminishes at the end
  3. Word 3 (bottom left) – clue – “Hello, do you have [blank] Taylor Swift’s new song? “
  4. word 4 (bottom right) idea – central point
  5. There is one word with a repeated letter
  6. Words of the day start with L, T, H, and N

Quordle Answers for July 5

Consider this your spoiler warning for today Quordle. Look away and see if you’re not quite ready to find out the answers.

Otherwise, the words of the day are:

This will conclude things for today Quordle. Make sure to stop by my blog tomorrow as well if you’re having a hard time with Wednesday’s game. I will have guides and answers for that game as well.

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