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Those who jumped to LIV Golf from PGA Tour hypocrites

Never shy about speaking his mind, Billy Horschel has criticized golfers who have jumped into the LIV golf league, calling them out for statements that they claim PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan and his executives have been deaf to their scheduling concerns. and profits.

“There are a lot of hypocrites, who don’t tell the truth, who lie about some things,” Horschel told the Renaissance Club in North Berwick, Scotland, the Genesis Scottish Open this week. “I can’t bear to sit here anymore and be diplomatic about it, as I was in the past.”

Horschel’s sticking point is that Monahan and the PGA Tour listened and players who dropped out in the LIV League might have gotten responses they didn’t want to hear.

“They say Jay is not listening, and the Tour is not listening to us,” said Horschel, the 2014 FedEx Cup champion. “Jay Monahan and everyone at HQ is the PGA Tour. They work tirelessly to reap the financial rewards that we have and we have all the opportunities that we have. At the same time, I’m one of over 200 members. I’m the PGA Tour. When you take pictures on the PGA Tour.” And you take pictures at Jay Monahan, you’re shooting at us. And to say they’re not listening is a complete farce, it really is. If they listened to everything the 200+ players on the PGA Tour said, it would be a complete mess. We couldn’t take a tour.”

Horschel also said that LIV Golf players said they jumped so they could play less golf is considered cheating because the tour requires members to play only 15 events per year to gain voting rights and the LIV Golf schedule calls for 14 events next season.

“It’s ridiculous to hear some of these comments: ‘I’m allowed to play fewer tournaments,'” Hurschel said. ‘No one has forced you to play that many events. Play 15. That’s fine. We have a chance to set our own schedule.”

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Horschel, who won the memorial at Muirfield Village Golf Club on June 5, noted that after next week’s Open, he will be away from his wife and three children for five weeks.

He said of the decision he and his wife Brittany made before the season started: “That’s what we decided when we set the schedule… It worked that way.” “I made the decision not to see my wife and children for five weeks. Shall I cry about it?”

Horschel also had a request for Tour players who went to the LIV League but kept taking shots in the Tour.

“Go play your LIV Tour and forget about the PGA Tour,” he said.

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