December 6, 2023

Research has shown More than half of Americans cannot read well. Their reading skills are below the sixth grade level. As a startup founder, this is an important statistic. It’s something you have to pay attention to. Especially if you are setting up a company for regular people.

In a world of apps and websites, language matters. I get it. You are very smart and you can use big words. You realize that a complex word is sometimes more accurate than a simple one. Remember that you also have a duty to your audience.

The problem is not that they cannot understand. They can. A sixth grader can read complex texts. But it requires a lot of energy. This is not always necessary.

I used to run a startup out of death. It was a tool that helps people talk to a chatbot about the end of life. At the time, the American Bar Association recommended a document. she was At the reading level for grade 20. This is not good. Everyone dies. Everyone needs good information.

The trick is to strike a balance. Use a tool like Hemingway’s app To measure how hard your website is to read.

This article may be a bit strange to read. Unlike most of my writing, there are many short sentences. There are not many jokes and puns. According to the Hemingway app, he’s at the third grade reading level. This might be a little exaggeration. But I made a point. All I am saying is that it is possible.

Think about your audience, and write in a way that works for them. it’s your choice. Know that it can make a big difference.

Screenshot of the Hemingway app

Evaluate the Hemingway app for this article. image credit: screenshot of a file Hemingway’s app (Opens in a new window)

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