December 5, 2023

Dejan Kulusevski missed an open goal on the final day of last season because he was too busy thinking about Son Heung-min’s Golden Boot award.

At the end of last season, Son was able to secure some personal titles, as collective titles were still out of Harry Kane’s reach at club level, by winning the Golden Boot in the Premier League.

Son celebrates his much-needed goal against Norwich. Photo: scientific

He was able to score two goals, as Tottenham beat Norwich City 5-0, and helped the team get to fourth place, but his chances of scoring were almost spoiled.

It took the 29-year-old until the 70th minute to score his first goal of the day, but he could have earned it a little earlier, if Kulusevsky had managed not to spoil the situation in front of him.

The former Juventus winger ended up with a hypothetical open goal in the 62nd minute and after a moment’s pause he decided to pass the ball to Son, only to spoil the whole thing.

On the DÅ ÄR VI IGÅNG podcast, the Swede explained the situation and how his panic and determination to help Son win the Golden Boot spoiled him.

“Two minutes before the goal, there was a strange situation. I was free with the goalkeeper. A lot of things got stuck,” said the Tottenham striker.

“A man treated me. I’m alone with the goalkeeper. I was thinking ‘Should I lie down?'” He will be expelled. “

But I was like, ‘No, I have to score, of course.

“So their guard came out and then hesitated. So I knew I was going to get there first. So I ran past him. I have an empty target in front of me. I was like ‘Man, that’s embarrassing’ I don’t really like you having an open target.”

“And the fans are next to me, you know. They’re yelling ‘Gimme, Gimmy’ next to me. I’m like ‘Take a deep breath.'” Take your time, Diane. You have an open goal.”

Kulusevski erred from here.  Photo: Sky Sports
Kulusevski erred from here. Photo: Sky Sports

“I’m staring at it, you know it’s definitely empty! But I take another touch. Then I think ‘Now maybe it’s finally time to shoot.'”

“But then I see his son. I see my teammate. He’s like ‘Pass me the ball!'” “He needs another goal to win the Golden Boot, and we all said before the game that we need to pass the ball to Son, you know Son has to win the Golden Boot.

“So I’m like ‘Diane, forget the goal you should help his son.’ I pass the ball and when I pass the ball I get stuck in the ground. So it becomes a foul and the ball slowly rolls towards the goal and they wipe the ball into the goal. And I stand there afterwards and think ‘Brother..’ Dian… what are you doing?”

Kulusevski celebrates his goal.  Photo: scientific
Kulusevski celebrates his goal. Photo: scientific

“I’m thinking ‘You are the biggest idiot’ and I feel very ashamed.

“I was so frustrated and was like giving me the ball again. Then two minutes later I got the ball back and then I don’t think at all I put the ball in the top corner.”

Kulusevsky scored two minutes later, to make the score 3-0, before Son scored two goals at the end of the match, as Salah equalized against Wolverhampton.

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