December 2, 2023

A Russian colonel has been accused of selling information about his men’s whereabouts to foreign intelligence agencies by the Russians involved, according to Ukrainian authorities.

that Audio Recording What the Main Intelligence Department of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry says was an intercepted phone call appears to indicate that the colonel was not the first to be accused of selling his troops. The call, released on Monday, includes a conversation between a man identified as a Russian soldier and an acquaintance. No details were given of the soldier’s whereabouts in Ukraine, but he can be heard in the recording complaining about the constant bombardment.

The conversation then takes an interesting turn when the unnamed woman notices that a squadron of the “31st Brigade” has been abandoned by their Russian colonel, apparently referring to the 31st Guards Air Assault Brigade.

“The Airborne Forces have been captured?” asks the man.

“Yes, yes, 76 people were kidnapped,” she says, adding that “they were sold alone” and called “Colonel Matkovsky” a traitor.

“There have already been many such cases,” the man replies, referring to a “leak of information” about the troops.

“That’s right, that’s right. I later spoke with FSBishnik [an agent of Russia’s Federal Security Service] … He said yes, it’s all true. They found 17 million in his account,” she said.

The woman went on to say that she did not ask for clarification on the currency in which the money was found, before appearing to imply that the Russian colonel had been paid by US intelligence agencies.

Understandably, the stinking United States is suffering. “They are hungry and cold,” she said.

Ukrainian intelligence did not say when the phone call was said to have taken place, nor did it provide any further information about the fate of the colonel or the Russian forces mentioned in the conversation.

But the 31st Guards Air Assault Brigade, one of the most airborne units in Russia, suffered heavy losses in a Russian offensive outside Kyiv in late February and early March, and several Russian troops were said to have been captured at that time.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine also He said In early April, 25 members of the brigade refused to continue fighting in Ukraine.

US intelligence has not publicly confirmed that any of the Russian leaders have handed over intelligence on troop movements in Ukraine, but the CIA has released very public campaign In May to request information from the Russians regarding the war.

The agency posted Russian-language instructions on social media urging informants wishing to submit “virtual connectionUsing the Tor internet browser. Those making contact are then screened to determine if they really have “information of interest” to US spies.

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