December 6, 2023

TechCrunch Live is a weekly event designed to help founders build better supported businesses. The series of events taps live every Wednesday at 12:00 noon in the Pacific, featuring industry-leading founders and venture capitalists as they speak through different parts of their businesses. We’ve had some great guests: Deel’s Alex Bouaziz and a16z’s Anish Acharya spoke with the lift without the pitch, Matilde Cullen of Front and Frederic Kerst of Octa spoke of unconventional investors. Just last week, AI’s Deon Nicholas and NEA Partner Vanessa Larco spoke through the Forethought platform, which won Startup Battlefield 2018.

With TechCrunch Live, you can join for free, ask questions and apply for the Pitch Practice, a part of the event where the audience can show the startup to event guests and get feedback on how to improve your storytelling, presentation and company messaging.

And now the event is even better!

First, the event switches platforms to Grip. With just one registration, our new online platform provides attendees with access to all TechCrunch Live events, including TechCrunch Live, City Spotlight, practice startup shows, quick networking, and other TechCrunch community events. Register here and join our online events platform TechCrunch Live and start adding TCL events to your calendar for free!

Second, it is easier to apply for Pitch Practice. Every Wednesday, startups can apply for this day’s Pitch Practice using Who is this. We will identify startups an hour before the event and notify them by email. And if you are selected for one event, please apply for future events as well. We want companies to submit more than once using feedback provided from past experiences.

Finally, TechCrunch Live is now a file Weekly podcast And the Youtube series, very. Since the event records are live, it is understandable that some viewers will not be available. Previous episodes are now available on YouTube and every major Podcast platform.

We hope you can join us at future events! Do you have feedback about the show? leave it over here.

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