March 5, 2024

Members of Britain’s impartial institutions such as the Metropolitan Police, National Health Service (NHS), fire brigade and armed forces joined the crowds for the annual Pride Parade in London.

Marking the 50th anniversary of the Pride parade in London on Saturday, large numbers of government employees joined vigilant corporations, drag queens and men in leather dog masks to show their gay goodwill.

In an exclusive video from Breitbart London, members of the National Health Service (NHS), the London Fire Brigade and men in the armed forces including Cold Stream Guards, Army, Navy and Royal Air Force participated in the Pride March. on Saturday.

Scouts, formerly known as Boy Scouts before girls were allowed to join the association, also joined the show. While the youth organization is not technically affiliated with the government, its main sponsor is Queen Elizabeth II and the co-chairs of the association are the Duke of Kent, Prince Edward and Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, a potential future queen.

despite being Asked by the organizers of the Pride Parade In order to not wear a uniform and represent the LGBTQ community, Breitbart London photographed two police officers in rainbow lapels and one with a gay pride flag painted on their face taking pictures with members of the crowd.

Before the march, Pride in London Student That officers in uniform refrain from joining the parade: “We work hard to strike a balance between the very real and legitimate concerns of members of our community and to be welcoming as often as we can. We agree that police uniforms undermine that balance, and as such we are allied that we should not Appears in our procession.”

An open letter organized by Lesbians and Gays Supporting Immigrants and signed by the Gay Liberation Front, which organized the premiere in 1972, stated that police should not even patrol the event in light of alleged anti-gay policing.

“The organized presence of the police in Pride collectively provides a platform for an institution that oppresses us. The letter stated that the police presence in Pride as well as the running of Pride Patrols makes Pride unsafe for our community.

Commenting on the policing of the event, leftist London Mayor Sadiq Khan said He said: “I think it’s really important that anyone from the LGBT community can participate in this show.

“I think the police have been sensitive to issues raised by the community and there will be uniformed officers in and around Pride to make sure we’re all safe, and to make sure this show is a success.

“But, obviously, those who participate in the parade from the police service will not wear a uniform.”

In addition to the police, the military, and health care workers, the London Pride Parade has been heavily featured by major companies, including Coca-Cola, which has apparently hired a drag queen to promote its sugary drinks. Other companies that participated in the LGBTQ+ event included Microsoft, Cisco, eBay, Marriott and Tesco.

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