December 3, 2023

Nick Kyrgios infuriates him.
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No matter where you stand on Nick Kyrgios, it’s impossible not to feel it all when watching it. And his trip to the quarter-finals (so far) at Wimbledon is perhaps the most shining example of that in his career. fact that He does all this before he goes to prison It just makes it more inflamed.

You can’t help but get angry. It could be the fact that in terms of talent, he might be on the same level as the greats of the game like Djokovic, Nadal and Federer. Application-wise, it’s somewhere around Barney Gumble most of the time. You can see him pull the craziest and most talented shots with his amazing hands, then next point just watch him totally. He can tickle the other side of the net with a bullet that’s more accurate than anywhere on the field, treating it like it’s nothing as he abandons the next point with criminal carelessness.

He can also make you angry with his personality. Kyrgios rarely goes through a match so he doesn’t constantly bark at some line staff, the head referee, his chest, or the fans and not just for a match or two. The conversation lasts, almost always in one way, for an hour or more. It’s almost as if he bet himself to see how long he can keep yelling at anyone and everything until he gets kicked off the field. It’s part of his mental checking sometimes, sometimes used to actually motivate himself, almost most of the time to entertain himself.

At the same time, you can’t help but be amazed by the sheer presentation of it all, whether it’s already dazzling with its play or simply exploding. It’s always a four-star piece of theatre, however you interpret it.

It was all on display in Saturday’s third-round win over Stefanos Tsitsipas, who was no stranger to confusing fans and opponents alike with his galactic brain, Trust Fund Hippie Attitude for the whole world and His occasional trips to Narnia Disguised as pigeon breaks to stop the opponent’s rhythm.

Before getting into the absurdity of it all, it must be said that Kyrgios tennis that day was mostly great, the kind of match that everyone wondered why he didn’t play every time and got angry, the answer is simply that he can’t bother you. Kyrgios’ serve hits were impenetrable, hitting forehands on every corner and spot while showing a sculptural touch on his shots or on the net. There’s nothing Kyrgrios can’t do when he’s in the same zip code as his attention span.

Of course, that wasn’t what made the match catch everyone’s attention, at least not on its own. Kyrgios infuriated Tsitsipas With two scammer serves, one of the three bars of what’s right and what’s right in tennis. Some see it as a real strategy, some see it as disrespectful or unsportsmanlike. The latter opinion seems to be an absolute hunch, as Tsitsipas is one of many who likes to stand somewhere near the pub against big servers like Kyrgios. So why not take advantage and have him ask where exactly he stands and make your normal transmission even more deadly in confusion? Of course, with Kyrgios everything has its own context, and when he does, he is seen as not taking the match or the sport seriously. We’ll leave the decision up to you. Combined with Kyrgios talking to himself even while serving Tsitsipas and his sharp pace of play, he definitely had the Greek on edge before sending the Underhand.

Wherever your final judgment falls, send Tsitsipas into orbit, shooting a ball into the stands. who Kyrgios spent the next hour pointing out to anyone who would listen that if he did, DJ Jazzy Jeff would take him straight out of the entire course. It is not necessarily a mistake. The constant chatter infuriated Tsitsipas even more, and he spent more than one game more interested in naming Kyrgios’s forehead with the ball than trying to win.

Perhaps that was exactly what Kygrios wanted, as he certainly wasn’t above enjoying taking the opponent out of his game and more concerned about liquidating the results than hitting the winners. Tsitsipas was spending his post-match press bemoaning Kyrgios’ “bullying”, but as the Australian pointed out, it was the Greek who was trying to hit the balls in his teeth. Tsitsipas certainly wasn’t above trying to have sex with opponents’ heads in the past either.

It made for excellent TV, whatever side of the ocean you were on. Apparently the BBC coverage had so much catching of the pearls that it almost suffocated, and the hypocrisy of both the McEnroe brothers on ESPN who complained about Kyrgios’ constant squatting on the chair and his grotesque movements on the chair was so delicious that it would have caused Having diabetes.

Kyrgios is fined for an audible curse word, which leads to the question being their chosen one. This came after a fine he had paid earlier in the tournament for spitting on a fan. Seeming to punish, or more likely to make himself laugh and confuse everyone, Kyrgios was quite calm yesterday in his fourth round match against young American Brandon Nakshima. He still had some foolishness, because of course he was, as Kyrgios openly hit the last game of the fourth set on his serve to reach fifth. Most players would cut into the rematch to start the deciding set on their racket, but Kyrgios never cared about the agreement. When he simply sped away from Nakashima on the fifth, it didn’t matter.

However, with Australia’s Kyrgios Stadium history of assault now hanging above it all, the element of fun and a thumbs-up in blue tennis takes a toll. Kyrgios and the former accuse him of Chiara Pasari, The police called them before during a volcanic eruption last October. What the ATP will think about is another matter, as this is a step beyond the accusations against Alexander Zverev by his ex-wife, which never came with actual charges and court appearances. The ATP was too happy to do nothing and use it as a cover, which infuriated more than a few players, but they would also feel Kyrgios was a much easier target whatever the outcome of the trial.

At least before news of the indictment, I watched tennis wrestle with a suddenly interested but still confusing person for one of the most enjoyable Wimbledon tournaments in recent memory. Kyrgios will be heavily favored in his quarter-final match against Christian Garin tomorrow, and is likely to prepare for his semi-final match with Rafael Nadal, who greatly hates Kyrgios’ guts. He sure had people watching and talking, because he didn’t hesitate to point out those who said he was bad at tennis. But now, that joy is definitely hanging on, if not completely gone.

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