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NBA free agency 2022 winners (T’Wolves, Celtics) and losers (Warriors)

2022 NBA Free Agency Winners (T’Wolves, Celtics) and Losers (Warriors)

The biggest winner won’t be known until the Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving scenarios are finished. But there are some top winners/losers in the NBA free agency.

You win a little and you lose a little. The same can be said about the NBA free agency.

The Free Agency suspension was officially opened last Thursday, and a series of moves quickly followed, some logical and some scratching. Zach Lavigne will stay in Chicago (five years, $215.2 million), Bradley Beal will return to Washington (five years, $251 million), Anverne Simmons will stay with Portland (four years, $100 million), while Jalen Bronson has agreed to join New York. Nicks (four years, $104 million).

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