December 3, 2023

Host Alex Marlowe begins today’s podcast with a quick recap of Independence Day weekend. It shows that ordinary old middle America does not share the same negative world view of this country as most of the people who run our big cities. He reads some awful tweets and headlines from a media chapter for clarity. Next, he dismantled President Joe Biden’s Independence Day stand. Biden declared that America does not do all this great (he takes no responsibility for this, of course) and that gas stations should lower gas prices. Currently Because President Joey says so. Alex then provided some details about the shooting at the Independence Day Parade in Highland Park, Illinois. It was horrific in every sense of the word, including how the media handled it. Utah Senator Mitt Romney (right) appears to be trying to persuade former President Donald Trump to run again. Finally, Alex has an epic “Woke Update” today, which includes a description of shocking videos in the Breitbart News of a particularly insulting “pride” display, which somehow got more corporate sponsors than a typical NASCAR driver. Scary, but important. Our first guest today is retired Navy SEAL Derrick Van Orden, who is running for Congress in the 3rd District in Wisconsin. Next, Alex spoke to Randy Clark, a former Border Patrol agent who is now an integral part of the Breitbart News Border and Cartel Chronicles initiative.

The Breitbart News Daily Podcast runs Monday through Friday as the “Director’s Cut” from the SXM Patriot radio show. Hosted by Breitbart Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow, you’ll hear Alex’s opinion on major political stories, interviews with various newsmakers, and Patriot’s “Caller of the Day.”

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