February 26, 2024

There was no stopping Joey Chestnut from winning his 15th men’s championship at the annual Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating competition in Coney Island, New York, on the Fourth of July.

Not even a prolific protester.

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During the men’s competition, a protester climbed onto the stage and bumped into the champion. Chestnuts then prove that sausages and buns aren’t the only things he can quickly put down as he puts the pretender into a little throttle. A security guard went to remove the protester while Chestnut continued to drop the dogs.

Chestnut won his seventh straight title (as a -3000 favorite at FOX Bet) by consuming 63 hot dogs and buns, but because of the accident, he didn’t make it to the pre-competition level above/below the 74.5 streak.

As a result, FanDuel refunded all bets on/under, FanDuel spokesperson Kevin Hennessy said.

“We felt that Mr. Chestnut might have thrown the pretender out of his game, so we decided to return all direct bets on over 74.5 hot dogs,” Hennessy said on Tuesday.

“It was by far the most popular for our online clients in New Jersey, ranking fifth for general sports after baseball, tennis (Wimbledon), basketball and football.”

Other sportsbooks, including DraftKings and Barstool, have decided to refund bettors. The customer is always right, right?

Hopefully next year Chestnut will get a real chance to beat the number. Until then, what sporting event are you looking to place a bet on (hopefully the fans won’t get involved)? Either way, head to FOX House To place your bets!

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