December 5, 2023

Local media reported that another senior Russian executive with links to energy giant Gazprom was found dead in his mansion.

Yuri Voronov, the head of a logistics company that held lucrative contracts with Gazprom, was found dead in the swimming pool of his home in a luxury suburb near St. Petersburg.

He reportedly died of a bullet wound to the head. Mr. Voronov was the founder and CEO of the transport and logistics company Astra-Shipping, which worked with Gazprom in the Arctic.

According to Russian media 47 news, a large-powered pistol was found near the pool and there were several shell casings at the bottom. It was found around 2pm on Monday.

Mr. Voronov’s widow allegedly told the police that her husband had been drinking heavily recently due to a dispute with his contractors and business partners.

His death is at least the sixth linked to the Russian gas industry in recent months.

Leonid Shulman, head of the transportation service of Gazprom Invest, was found dead near Leningrad on January 30, 2022.

Just a month after Alexander Tyulakov, deputy general director of Gazprom, was found dead in his garage on February 25.

Mikhail Watford, a Ukraine-born Russian billionaire who had no connection to Gazprom but made his fortune through oil and gas, was found dead at his home in Surrey, England on February 28. Surrey police did not treat the death as suspicious.

Sergei Protocinia was found dead with his wife and daughter in Spain

(Protocynia family)

The bodies of former Gazprombank vice president Vladislav Avaev, his wife and daughter were found in Moscow on April 18.

told Igor Volopov, former vice president of Gazprombank CNN He does not believe the deaths were suicide, police indicated.

“His job was to deal with private banking, and that means dealing with big clients,” he said. He was responsible for very large sums of money. So, did he commit suicide? I do not think so.

“I think he knew something and it was kind of a risk.”

A day later, Sergei Protosinya, one of the senior managers of the Novatek gas production company, partly owned by Gazprom, was found dead with his wife and daughter in Spain.

Mr Protocinia was found hanging in an apartment in Lloret de Mar, a coastal town in Catalonia, and his wife and daughter died of stab wounds.

Their deaths were investigated as murder and suicide.

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