February 26, 2024

More than a dozen sharks, including large sharks, have been flagged by trackers swimming off the northeastern coast.

daily mail I spoke with trackers who said the sharks will likely remain in the area until early fall.

One shark is a great white shark weighing 528 pounds swimming off the coast of Cape Cod. At least 14 have been found in the waters off Long Island.

Shark attacks are extremely rare, but officials warn that swimmers should be aware of where shark populations have been spotted to take precautions against potentially violent encounters with the creatures.

On Sunday, a lifeguard bit his chest while training near Smith Point Beach. He has been stitched and is recovering well. He said he had to fight the shark off of him.

“I felt a sharp, sharp pain and as soon as I could feel the rubbery feel, I knew it was some kind of shark,” Zachary Gallo told CBS. “I hit the shark three times. I went to bum, bum, bum. I think the third time he turned around and his tail hit me in my chest.”

The northeastern coast regularly seeks a high number of sharks during the period from the beginning to the middle of summer. Sharks generally spend spring in the south until early summer, when they swim north in search of warmer waters.

Unfortunately, this is also prime time for swimmers who also want to enjoy the milder waters of the Atlantic. Cape Cod officials have warned swimmers to be careful while recreating them during the summer.

Trackers have tagged more than 280 great white sharks off the coast of Cape Cod since 2009, allowing them to learn more about the sharks’ behaviors and migration patterns.

In addition to the warm waters, sharks also migrate in search of food. They tend to congregate around the Atlantic side of the cape where they can hunt large numbers of seals.

Greg Scomal, the state marine biologist who spoke to him daily mailSwimmers were advised to be especially careful when swimming in areas where the shoreline falls rapidly into deep water, as those areas are more likely to contain sharks.

The sharks in the south, near Long Island, are much smaller than the great white sharks in the north. There are more than 20 species of sharks that can be found in the waters around Massachusetts.

Sharks do not generally target humans, and researchers believe that many attacks occur when the animal confuses a human floating near the surface of the water for a seal or other typical food source.

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