February 26, 2024

New footage has emerged of the moment an American Osprey helicopter crashed into a warship, killing all three Marines on board.

The clip shows the helicopter struggling to land on the deck of the US Green Ship in Queensland, Australia, before sinking into the ocean during the fatal accident in 2017.

First Lieutenant Benjamin Cross, 26, Corporal Nathaniel Ordway, 21, and Private Robin Velasco, 19, died in the accident after being trapped in the cockpit as it sank.

The helicopter was carrying 26 personnel from the 265th Tiltrotor Squadron, with Mr. Cross co-piloting the aircraft at the time of the accident.

An investigation into the fatal accident revealed that Cross and his unnamed assistant were not at fault and said a technical problem had caused the accident.

Huge helicopter crashed on deck

(unless you see it)

In the footage, the helicopter is suddenly tilted to the left as it approaches Army Bay, then crashes into the surface.

The Marines can be heard shouting “Count” as the MV-22 narrowly misses the crews on the deck before falling more than 10 meters into the Pacific Ocean.

Then water flooded a hole in the cockpit of the damaged plane, causing it to sink, and the bodies of the three individuals were recovered after a 12-hour search.

The accident is considered one of the worst military disasters in Queensland history.

(LR) Lieutenant Benjamin Cross, 26, Private Robin Velasco, 19 and Corporal Nathaniel Ordway, 21, died in a fatal crash

(US Marines)

The MV-22 Osprey helicopter has had several fatal accidents since its maiden flight in 1989, killing a total of 51 service members.

In June, five people were killed after another Osprey helicopter crashed in California, United States.

The US Marine Corps on Friday confirmed the deaths of Nicholas Losabio, 31, Seth Rasmusson, 21, John Sacks, 33, and Evan Strickland, 19.

His family also confirmed the death of Nathan Carlson on Thursday.

The cause of the accident is still under investigation.

Four people were killed in an Osprey crash in March, during a NATO training exercise in Norway.

The MV-22 Osprey helicopter is a tilt aircraft, manufactured by Boeing, that is designed to fly like an airplane and hover like a helicopter.

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