December 3, 2023

In Indonesia, many logistics providers still use outdated systems to keep track of their operations and fleets, including pen and paper ledgers. McEasy He wants to change that. The startup, which develops software-as-a-service solutions for the logistics and supply chain industries, has raised $6.5 million in Series A funding led by East Ventures.

Founded in 2017 by Raymond Sutjiono and Hendrik Ekowaluyo, the startup now serves more than 200 clients, including Cleo Pure Water, KMDI Logistics, MGM Bosco Logistics, Rosalia Indah and Tanto Intim Line.

Its software and smart tracker, called Intelligent Vehicle Management System, have been adopted by users such as passenger buses, freight services, and refrigerated vehicles used to transport medicines, meat, seafood, dairy, and frozen foods. Other products include Mobility Software-as-a-Service for vehicle digitization for real-time tracking, solutions to improve business efficiency and an open API system.

The new capital will be used to develop products for SMEs and establish a stronger foothold in the Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities in Indonesia. McEasy says it has grown more than 12-fold in the past 18 months.

Sutjiono told TechCrunch that he met Ekowaluyo and they became good friends while they were studying mechanical engineering at Purdue University. The two then worked at Ford in structural engineering. Sutjiona said Ekowaluyo is an expert in structural design and software management in automobiles, while focusing more on engine electronics, system control and data processing.

After returning to Indonesia, the two started McEasy producing hybrid motorcycles. But after researching the market, they realized that the market was shifting to digital instead of hybrid bikes, so they came up with a smart motorcycle tracker. But since trackers were too expensive, they decided to make another shift to B2B and automotive logistics.

“B2B logistics players are still using the traditional method, and we wanted to provide a digital solution to improve the business process,” said Sutjiono. “The logistics sector was chosen for its promising potential and growth during the pandemic. Indonesia has more than 22.5 million units of passenger cars and more than 5 million units of freight vehicles.

The founders say that more than 85% of companies in the transportation and supply chain sectors still use paper ledgers for their operations, including managing drivers, expenses, fuel consumption, and route efficiency. To convince people to switch from their old systems to McEasy, they offer free trials and augment their operations through word of mouth.”

In a prepared statement, East Ventures co-founder Wilson Kwaka said, “McEasy has been able to positively accelerate the post-pandemic environment. They combine the best of both worlds – logistics and technology – to elevate their offerings, strengthen their national footprint, and maintain levels of profitability.” .

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