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Look out, AMD – Intel’s next-gen CPUs could be after your budget crown with DDR4 support

Intel and AMD are preparing for one of the biggest confrontations the CPU industry has seen in years, with newer generations of processors fast approaching launch on both sides. Intel Thirteenth generation Raptor Lake chips You will go up against AMD ‘Zen 4’ Ryzen 7000 series, and both competitors promise some serious performance.

Details about the new CPUs are slowly emerging through a bunch of leaks and official announcements, and things seem to be looking pretty good for Intel. Lake Raptor is said to represent a Great progress in performance of existing Alder Lake chips, and now a chip leaked from an Intel workshop event in China has revealed that Raptor Lake-S chips will support both DDR4 and DDR5 memory.

We previously knew that both Raptor Lake and Ryzen 7000 will support DDR5, but now it appears that Intel will outpace Intel by offering support for both the new memory standard and the more popular DDR4 flavor of RAM.

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This is kind of a big deal, given that DDR5 is the new kid on the block and adoption is still rather slow among PC builders. It’s steadily making its way to pre-built desktops and laptops, but it’s not as popular in custom-built PCs because it requires a motherboard upgrade. DDR5 is also expensive – It is accessible to allBut DDR4 is still a lot cheaper, and you also need a more expensive DDR5 compatible motherboard.

For starters, the Raptor Lake S-series chips are efficiency-oriented versions of Intel CPUs, with slightly less processing in exchange for lower power requirements. It’s unclear at this point if regular Raptor Lake chips (or the K-series that support overclocking) will feature this dual-standard memory support.

Analysis: AMD could be paralyzed by forcing adopters to upgrade to DDR5

AMD is Already struggling a bit Against the stellar success of Intel’s Alder Lake CPUs, which deliver impressive performance thanks to their hybrid infrastructure that uses powerful “performance cores” along with low-power “efficiency cores.”

AMD is still generally a good choice for building budget PCs (the Ryzen 5 5600X is Currently available for under $200) and Team Red has long positioned itself as gamers’ favorite processor, but this leak is causing a problem for the Ryzen 7000.

Potential buyers on a budget will likely be tempted by support for the affordable DDR4 memory standard — especially since DDR5-compatible motherboards are usually more expensive as well. AMD may make everyone who buys a Ryzen 7000 CPU to use DDR5 a less attractive option for cash-conscious consumers.

AMD appears to have plans for its 5000-series Ryzen chips before releasing its next-generation processors, at least. It has been suggested that AMD may target a file September release date To beat Intel to the limit, but that depends on turning the stock Ryzen 5000 first. It also appears that AMD has plans to integrate it Game-enhanced 3D V-cache In the new current generation chips, which can help to put it to some extent.

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