December 6, 2023

At a time when the NBA was mired in the ebb and flow of free agency, Lakers Owner Jenny Boss took a moment to get away from the madness to reflect on her relationship with the late great Kobe Bryant.

Buss posted a message on Twitter on Sunday in honor of Bryant, who tragically died on January 26, 2020 in a helicopter crash at the age of 41. She also referred to the 2020 Hall of Fame inductee as “the greatest Laker ever” praising his ostentatious work ethic and the loyalty he has shown throughout his 20 years dressed in purple and gold.

“I miss KB. “He understood and explained everything he wouldn’t let me do,” Bos wrote. “Honestly he was the greatest Laker ever. He understood the team over the self. Meaning your rewards would come if you valued the team’s goals over your own, everything would fall into place. Everyone can respond.”

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