December 5, 2023

Galen Bronson It was reportedly decided before the free agency was officially opened to sign with the Knicks.

Is there any way New York didn’t manipulate Bronson while he was still under contract with the Mavericks?

This situation has many layers. Knicks appointed Bronson’s father, Rick Bronson, as assistant coach. Knicks head Lion Rose He is a longtime Bronson family friend. Rose’s son, Sam Rose, is Jalen Bronson’s agent. Knicks executives William Wesley (“Worldwide West”) and Alan Houston as striker Julius Randle Attended a playoff game for the Mavericks Jazz in Dallas.

But this is also a classic case of a team losing a player and feeling bad about it.

Fred Katz from Athletic:

From what I gather, the Mavericks are very frustrated with the Knicks – and not just because reports of a dead-end deal surfaced before New York was allowed to speak with Bronson (although I’m not sure how to explain the absurd rules of father-son relationships, and this situation includes two of those) . Dallas wasn’t excited about Knicks CEO William “Worldwide Wesley” appearing outside the field for the Mavs-Jazz playoff game.

People I’ve spoken to all over the league expect the Knicks to be swept up in vanity for messing around.

The application of doodling in the NBA seems arbitrary. But a common side to manipulation: a team complaining.

If the Mavericks are frustrated enough to file a complaint, the Knicks will likely be investigated.

Bronson could only deny the seemingly credible report that turned out to be accurate. He could claim that he hadn’t heard from Knicks until he opened free agency and only made his decision after that – that Shams Charania of The Athletic had it wrong. If Knicks manipulates, all the family ties between them and Bronson increase the likelihood that there will be no paper trail. It was easy to convey plans in face-to-face conversations that could be rejected.

Moreover, if the Knicks were only messed about after the Dallas season ended, it’s hard to get worried about that. Although this technically violates the collective bargaining agreement, it does not violate the spirit of why the tamper rules were originally applied – to protect teams as they compete.

However, there must be consistent enforcement. It’s not fair that some teams are being penalized just for breaking a globally broken rule.

Additionally, the Knicks may have called Bronson during the Dallas season. This is much less acceptable.

Or maybe Nicks didn’t call Bronson early at all. This stresses naivety, but it is possible. If the only evidence is that the Knicks attended a playoff game in the Mavericks, there is precedent for allowing that.

As much as Bronson’s deal leaked early…if the NBA puts the Knicks under the microscope because that is, the league should look at all teams that struck deals with outside free agents within minutes of the agency opening for free. This is practically as incredible as New York’s arrangement with Bronson.

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