December 2, 2023

This summer’s NBA holiday season was all about the trades, and we’ve already seen a number of blockbuster movies over the past few days. However, the biggest deals are yet to come, as the futures of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving with the Brooklyn Nets are in the balance.

As one of the league’s top players, and with four years remaining on his contract, Durant is expected to generate one of the biggest commercial returns in league history. The problem is that doing such a trade is not easy. Only a few teams have the requisite talent and start-up capital to strike a deal, and do so without spoiling their roster.

Ironically, one of them is the Golden State Warriors. Durant’s return to the Bay Area after his dramatic departure a few years ago would be a fascinating story, and even he and his former teammates couldn’t avoid discussing the possibility. However, such an outcome is “highly unlikely,” According to Marcus Thompson II of The Athletic.

The Warriors stars had talks with Durant. In addition to catching up, colleagues associated with the Hall of Fame have also received the idea of ​​a reunion. It was mostly about the amazing nature of her even being possible. The idea of ​​them playing together again should have seemed impossible when Durant left for free agency in 2019. And they haven’t lost sight of how life has created a chance for them to come back full circle. They see it, like everyone else, and talk about it, like everyone else.

This is not the case where the Star Warriors are pressing the front office to go buy Durant. Sources explained that they are doing well in defending their title with Wiggins, Paul and the young players who have been preparing to win with them. But if the universe somehow made it so that the myths unite, they would be open to it.

However, according to multiple sources in the Warriors organization, a reunion is highly unlikely.

While the Warriors’ draft picks aren’t likely to be super valuable over the next few years, especially if they acquire Durant, they can send in a batch of them. In addition, they have all kinds of young players who can help the Nets win now and in the future: Jordan Paul, James Wiseman, Jonathan Cominga, Moses Moody, etc. (Andrew Wiggins could not be included while the Nets also had Ben Simmons due to Rules that prevent two players with a certain Rookie Max contract from being on the same team.)

However, over the past few years, the Warriors’ ownership and front office have been steadfastly opposed to getting rid of any young talent. Even with the team emerging as a contender, they wouldn’t move one to get some veteran help at last season’s deadline. They won the title anyway, but that decision was another reminder of their faith in their prospects.

The Warriors want to win now and in the future, and they’ve talked openly about two timelines. Capturing all of Durant’s young talent would greatly increase the title’s odds over the next few seasons, but it would put a consistent final date on their window given Durant’s ages and current core. Some may disagree with this thought process, but the Warriors are firm in their faith, and last season’s title will support them.

We’ve learned that you can never say no in the NBA, but it’s hard to imagine the Warriors going back on their long-term plan after such a big investment.

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