December 4, 2023

When Kevin Durant requested a deal from the Brooklyn Nets last week, it sent shock waves throughout the NBA as every team began crunching numbers to see if they had enough to land one of the most offensive players in league history. Durant listed his favorite destinations: the Phoenix Suns and the Miami Heat, and while Twitter was saddled with snapshots of trades that would send him to any number of teams, the trading market for him was relatively quiet.

Any deal Durant gets involved would do Brooklyn a huge deal, and given that the Utah Jazz just had four first-round picks (three of which were unprotected), and five players in the trade that sent Rudy Gobert to the Minnesota Timberwolves, you can only imagine the payoff he would get. He has nets player of the finals twice. While Durant may want to trade as soon as possible to prepare for next season, Shams El Shaarania said during Appearing on “The Pat McAfee Show” On Tuesday, the Nets plan to be patient until the team meets Durant’s asking price.

Per charanya:

“[The Nets] They make moves and do off-season things with the preparation and the process as if they’re going to bring these two guys back to next season and play with these two guys. They’re open to dialogue and open to teams like Toronto, Phoenix, and Miami who are bidding but until they get to that price threshold, which I’m told are All-Star players, a boatload of draft picks, they won’t move. Here’s what they tell the teams: We won’t move Kevin Durant until the price is met. We’ll see how this summer goes… This process with Kevin Durant may take some time.”

This isn’t entirely surprising, given how long it took the superstars to trade in the past. It took five months from the time Anthony Davis ordered a deal from the Pelicans in January 2019 to the time it was actually shipped to his favorite Lakers destination. In this case, New Orleans kept its asking price with Los Angeles, eventually getting what it wanted in three first-round draft picks and three talented young players in return. So the Nets have no reason to rush into this in order to get it before the season starts.

With the asking price that Brooklyn requires, that could lead to a run out to training camp or perhaps the regular season. It all depends on what the teams are willing to give up in favor of Durant.

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