November 28, 2023

joe chestnut

joe chestnut
picture: Getty Images

Just as the Founding Fathers intended, Joey Chestnut maintained his title as America’s hot dog king this weekend, taking home his 15th title at Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating on Monday. But he didn’t let his continued success make him lazy or entitled – no, his instincts were as sharp as ever as he multitasked his way by donning 63 hot dogs in front of a lovable crowd, taking the stage by storm while doing so. He. She.

When a protester ran onto the stage wearing a Darth Vader mask, holding a sign that read “Reveal Smithfield’s Death Star,” the chestnut, in the middle of the bite, put the man into a chokehold and sent him to the floor as he continued to push the bottles down the esophagus. While he easily outperformed everyone else in the competition, he never came close to beating his own personal record of 76 dogs in 10 minutes, lagging behind for his self-defense maneuver.

DraftKings sportsbook actually had to pay back over/under bets on the 74.5 hot dog line (what’s more than gambling on a hot dog?) because of the crash, although one wonders if this removal should have added a few dogs to Chestnut’s tally final.

Chestnut has had no real rival since the early retirement of Takeru Kobayashi, whose story we are He also said this weekend In our coverage of the greatest sport that the Fourth of July has to offer (jumping away by fireworks your uncle brought to the backyard came in second).

The protest was reportedly organized by animal rights activist group Direct Action Everywhere, which you may remember from NBA demonstrations that included a woman sticking her hand to court at a Timberwolves-Clippers playing. They definitely grab the headlines – I’ll give them that.

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