October 1, 2023

China’s state propaganda media celebrated America’s Independence Day on Monday with a barrage of comments predicting the short-term demise of the United States and calling the holiday “miserable,” specifically blaming President Joe Biden’s “incompetence” on the alleged bleak day.

“This year’s celebration will not be very popular with the American people, and it will likely be miserable” People’s Daily newspaperOn Monday, the official newspaper of the Communist Party of China announced, quoting an anonymous Chinese “expert” pro-regime.

Such a bleak atmosphere can also be amplified by the widely shared disillusionment with the United States government. continued.

The Global TimesAn English-only Chinese propaganda newspaper published several derogatory political cartoons about America over the weekend, including one declaring the United States a “modern slavery empire based on statistics that began in 1514.”

“If a person has symptoms similar to those of the United States, they should see a psychiatrist first” Global Times Confirmed in an editorial on Sunday.

File/US President Joe Biden, center, during his visit to the National Cemetery in Seoul, South Korea, Saturday, May 21, 2022. During the trip, Biden’s first visit to Asia as president, he meets with regional leaders in an effort to bolster support to help Ukraine to fend off a Russian invasion and counter the security threats posed by China and North Korea. (Lee Yong-ho/EyePress/Bloomberg via Getty)

The People’s Daily newspaper The failure of this year’s Independence Day celebrations was openly declared as a result of “public anger at the incompetence of [the] Biden administration” in an article by state propagandist Chen Qingqing.

Chen emphasized that “the Biden administration seemed detached from reality, showing little efficiency in responding to public demands and instead shifting blame to other countries such as Russia and China,” citing unnamed “experts” who had predicted Biden was “messy and incompetent.” The policy-making process will only exacerbate the situation.”

The article concluded that Biden would plunge America “into long-term chaos.” [sic] and stagnation.” An alleged expert claimed that, apart from Biden, America was facing a “confusion of values” that hurt morale.

As expected, the People’s Daily newspaper The writer concluded that one solution to issues of confidence in the United States is for Biden to raise tariffs on Chinese products – a move that opinion polls show Americans have neither special interest nor demand from Biden to take. Nor do experts not controlled by the Chinese Communist Party, as Chinese state media have repeatedly insisted, believe that raising tariffs on Chinese goods will have any positive effect on lowering inflation in America.

The Global Times The editorial board similarly published A grim indictment of America on July 4 accused Biden of creating “America more divided, disoriented and chaotic.”

US President Joe Biden and the First Lady of the United States arrive to deliver remarks at the Fourth of July Celebration on the South Lawn of the White House on July 4, 2022 in Washington, United States. (Kyle Meze/Anadolu Agency via Getty)

“On this particular day of Independence Day, we sincerely advise the United States to treat its own issues first and to be less concerned with the affairs of others. It is good for the United States and everyone.” Global Times The editors announced. The situation at home has sent a powerful signal that Washington cannot ignore. The dislocation and dysfunction of US governance of internal affairs must be corrected soon.”

The editors described America as “sick” and “obediently” demanded that it take the “medicine”, without explaining what actions it should take outside of diminishing its international standing.

“If a person has symptoms similar to those of the United States, he should see a psychiatrist first. The state propaganda outlet emphasized that the basic adjustment of Washington’s situation is much more complicated. It would be better if Washington used its cruelty to suppress China to deal with internal problems.”

The times She also posted bizarre anti-American illustrations to mark the day. One of them repeated the outrageous claim that America currently has 500,000 slaves – an angry response to the abundant evidence that human rights activists, journalists and researchers have discovered that China may enslave millions of people belonging to the ethnic minority Uyghurs.

“An estimated 12.5 million Africans were smuggled into the New World and enslaved between 1514 and 1866,” the paper’s graphic emphasized America’s accusation of “modern” slavery. “New World” is a term that usually refers to the entire Western Hemisphere, not just the United States.

In addition to denouncing America for being the so-called “slave empire”, Chinese outlets have strongly condemned America for its action to keep Chinese slave products out of the country in a campaign that Beijing has acknowledged operates.

State propaganda has made it clear that her accusations are intended to distract from China’s enslavement of millions of Uyghurs:

Some American politicians have gone out of their minds to concoct the “sad narrative” of “forced labor” in China’s Xinjiang region, but a lie repeated a thousand times is still a lie. It is the United States, which calls itself a “defender of human rights” or “a beacon of freedom,” which stands accused of the use of forced labor.

The Global Times He also mocked the reports that claimed that some cities in America canceled Fireworks appear due to supply chain problems.

The political cartoon did not address the fact that about 94 percent of fireworks products used in the United States come from China and that the “supply chain crisis” is largely a product of the Communist Party’s decision to impose total closures on its largest city, Shanghai, and partial closures of centers Industrialization such as Shenzhen and even the political capital Beijing.

China was already struggling with supply chain problems before the Shanghai shutdown but has since begun to document a marked decline in exports to America, partly as a result of China blocking its own manufacturing and partly as a result of growing interest, in America and elsewhere, not to buy slave-contaminated Chinese products.

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