December 3, 2023

Mike Evans, just like everyone else in the football world, was surprised when Tom Brady didn’t retire earlier this year. The quarterback barely gave his fellow Tampa Bay Buccaneers a head in a text conversation earlier in the day.

Evans recently said in an interview with Ari Alexander from KPRC in Houston. He’s like, ‘That’s a lot of tuition. I just laughed, and then said, “To my defense I didn’t know you were going to retire.” He sent a laughing emoji, saying, “There is more downfall in our future.” So I’m just thinking he’s trolling me. I don’t know what he’s talking about. And a few hours later, It was announced that he would be back, and I was happy.

“I didn’t really think he would come back. I thought he was just playing.”

Instead, Brady and Evans will play in Tampa Bay for at least one more season.

After a second consecutive appearance in the post-season, the Bucs have returned most of their offenses, including Brady, Evans, Chris Goodwin (rehabilitating a torn ACL), Leonard Fournette and Cameron Pratt, and they have added former Hawks star Russell Gage to the receiving wire. However, Tampa Bay will be without the likes of Rob Gronkowski (attempting second retirement), J. Howard, Ronald Jones and offensive line Alex Capa and Ali Marbet for the first time in the Brady era.

No matter who’s on the field in Tampa Bay, expect the status quo from the remarkably reliable Evans. The former first-round receiver scored at least 1,000 yards in each of his eight seasons in the NFL. Evans has been better with Brady under center, pulling 27 touchdowns over the past two years; His 14 TDs in 2021 marked the high of his career. Over the course of his career, Evans had 606 receptions, 9,301 yards and 75 records, all by the age of 28.

Despite all this, Evans remains perpetually underrated. He was never selected as the first All-Pro team and reached the Pro Bowl only four times. But the broad recipient of the Super Bowl champion is interested in getting higher honors.

When asked by Alexander if he was considering a potential nomination for the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Evans wasn’t shy.

“Yes, of course,” Wide said. “I’m thinking about it, but obviously I’m trying to stay in the moment as much as possible. But that’s what I’m working for, and why not? I’m trying to be the best in the game now, and ultimately one of the best to ever play.”

Another prolific year hunting double-digit TDs from stealth quarterbacks and Evans will definitely get his resume for bust in Canton.

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