December 4, 2023

Police indicated that the Highland Park shooting suspect was dressed as a woman when he opened fire on July 4 parade-goers from a rooftop.

NBC News Reports That Lake County Major Crimes Command Chris Coveley said the suspect “planned this attack several weeks in advance.”

Coveli also noted that the suspect carried out the attack while “he was dressed in women’s clothing and the investigators… believe he did it to hide tattoos on his face and his identity and help him escape.”

Once the suspect stopped shooting, he said, he “came out from the rooftop, dropped his rifle, merged with the crowd and fled.”

Breitbart News reported that six people were killed and at least 24 injured in the July 4 attack.

Soon after the attack, the police managed to release a description of an important person.

NBC Chicago pointed Law enforcement was looking for “a white man between the ages of 18 and 20 with a small build and longer black hair.”

Police quickly bolstered their description, stating that they were looking for a 22-year-old white man driving a silver Honda. They also issued a license plate number associated with the person’s vehicle.

USA TODAY mentioned The person in question was arrested before 7 pm on Monday.

After the arrest, Chris Coveli said: “This individual is believed to be responsible for what happened.”

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