December 6, 2023

Fourth of July celebrations turned bloody in Chicago’s Highland Park suburb when gunfire rang out during the festive music and onlookers ran for their lives.

Capture a video, which was among the first widely reported incidents of the incident, the panic and chaos that unfolded during the show as the shots were heard.

Appearing to have been taken from the mobile phone of a teenage reveler, the video began by showing families sitting on the sidewalk, watching a band pass by.

But suddenly the band members ran into a race and sprinted toward the parade track as the observers began jumping off the ground.

Then the video clip appeared to show the face of the boy who was running in terror. He said: Oh my God, these are shots. I can’t believe I should score that.”

The mass shooting at the show killed six revelers and wounded more than 36.

The event, which includes food, live music, carnival rides, games and fireworks for the United States’ Independence Day, had to be canceled after The fifteenth mass murder of 2022 And the eleventh mass shooting of the weekend, According to the Gun Violence Archive.

In the middle of the year, there were at least 309 mass shootings.

Another video clip from the show showed a chilling video of a woman running in a stroller with several show-goers while gunshots rang out for several seconds in the area.

People screamed and continued to flee in the opposite direction from where the shots were fired as the officers ran towards their originator, the recording showed – it appeared to be fired from an apartment window.

A third video, which has garnered more than a million views, showed elderly family members sitting on chairs on the sidewalk as two consecutive rounds of shots were fired. The camera’s vision was blurred as people tried to figure out what had happened.

Sarah Hensfeuter, 36, a Highland Park resident who was on the show with her family when the shooting happened, said she’s been attending just about every one since she was a child.

“Just five minutes later, very soon after, police and firetrucks drove by for part of the parade, I heard ‘pop, pop, pop, pop, pop’,” Ms Henswater told the Associated Press. .

“My mom said ‘Wow, that’s really loud,’ and I looked to see if they were rifles, because you know sometimes they use those old guns at the Fourth of July Parade…again, go pop, pop, pop.” , pop, pop and I turned around and said “that’s gunshots, I run.”

On Tuesday, it was confirmed that Nicholas Toledo, a grandfather from Mexico in his 70s, and Jackie Sondheim, a teacher at a Highland Park synagogue, were the first victims of the shooting.

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