March 5, 2024

Bystanders run after hearing gunshots at a show on July 4th in Illinois

At least six people were killed and 30 others injured in a military shooting at an Independence Day parade in Illinois Monday morning.

Police reported that Robert E. Cremo, a man in his 20s, was an interested person in the shooting and took him into custody after an hours-long chase around Highland Park.

A rooftop gunman opened fire during a show on July 4 in a Chicago suburb, police said, sending hundreds of protesters and parents with strollers and children on bicycles fleeing in terror.

Robert E. Cremo was chosen as a VIP in the July 4 mass shooting in Highland Park

(Highland Park)

While “a number of dead” died at the scene, one of them died of his injuries in hospital, according to the authorities.

Mexico’s director of North American affairs said on Twitter that among the dead was a Mexican national, Roberto Velasco. He added that two other Mexicans were injured in the accident.

About 26 of the wounded, aged eight to 85, were sent to the North Shore University Health Center. All but one of them had gunshot wounds, said medical director for emergency preparedness, Dr. Brigham Temple.


A man named “person of interest” has been taken into custody

Authorities said a man named as someone in the shooting was taken into police custody Monday night after an hours-long chase around Highland Park.

Highland Park Police Chief Lou Jugmen said a police officer stopped Robert E. Cremo about five miles north of the shooting site, several hours after police released the man’s photo and that of his silver Honda Fit, and warned the public that he was likely armed. And dangerous.

A man arrested after a shooting at a motorcade in Chicago on July 4 is verified


Authorities initially said he was 22, but an FBI and Kremo social media post said he was 21.

Police refused to immediately identify him as a suspect, but said that identifying him as a person of interest, and making his name and other information public was a serious step.

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More than 30 injured in July 4th shooting

As many as 30 people were injured in the shooting during the Independence Day parade in Illinois, Chicago, and the North Shore University Health Center received 26 patients after the incident.

All but one were shot, medical director for emergency preparedness, Dr. Brigham Temple, said.

Their ages ranged from 8 to 85, and Dr. Temple estimated that four or five patients were children.

Items left at the scene of a mass shooting are seen along the Fourth of July Parade Route on July 4, 2022 in Highland Park, Illinois.

(Getty Images)

About 19 of the victims were treated and released from hospital, the doctor said.

Others were transferred to other hospitals, while two patients, in stable condition, remained at Highland Park Hospital.

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Biden says there is “a lot of work to do” on gun reform

President Joe Biden said he and First Lady Jill Biden were “shocked” by the mass shooting that tore through the Independence Day parade in Highland Park on Monday, calling it yet another example of “irrational violence with the use of a weapon that has once again brought grief to American society.”

In a statement, Mr. Biden said he and Mrs. Biden are “grateful” for the efforts of law enforcement officials who responded to the bloody spectacle.

He said he has offered Illinois Governor JB Priesker and Highland Park Mayor Nancy Rottering “the full support of the federal government,” including an increase in law enforcement officers to assist in the ongoing search for the suspected shooter.

‘independent’Andrew Feinberg’s full story:

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Mass shooting scene map

The mass shooting took place in Highland Park, a city in suburban Illinois about 25 miles north of Chicago.

Here is the site map:

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The mass shooting comes just weeks after massacres in Ovaldi and Buffalo

Monday’s massacre is the latest in a growing number of mass shootings to tear apart a community in the United States as pressure continues on lawmakers to introduce important gun reform laws.

Less than two months ago, 10 black people were killed in a mass shooting in Buffalo, New York, on May 14.

The attack was carried out by a self-proclaimed white supremacist 18-year-old with a legally purchased AR-15.

Ten days later, 19 students and two teachers were killed in a mass shooting in Ovaldi, Texas, when another 18-year-old entered Robb Elementary School with an AR-15 and opened fire.

The identity of the July 4 mass shooting in Illinois is currently unknown, but it has been described as a white male between the ages of 18 and 20.

The police found a gun from the scene.

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NRA Celebrates Firearms July 4th Tweet As Six Killed In Illinois

The NRA celebrated July 4 with a tweet celebrating the guns – the same day six people were killed and dozens hospitalized in a mass shooting in Highland Park, Illinois.

“Happy July 4th, America! We are a country because of the brave souls who carried weapons and appreciated and fought for freedom and liberty.”

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The shocking image shows young children sheltering in place

A shocking photo shows young children dressed in appropriate Independence Day clothes and sheltering in the basement of a shop to escape the shooting that killed at least six and wounded at least 31 others.

The photo shows children dressed in red, white and blue to celebrate the 4th of July.

Moments ago, children were among the families and locals who had gathered to enjoy the show when the mass shooting broke out.

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Highland Park shooting victim identified

One of the six people killed in the mass shooting has been identified at a July 4 parade in Highland Park.

His family confirmed that Nicholas Toledo was one of the six victims killed in the shooting.

“We all feel numb. We are all broken on the inside,” his granddaughter said.

Read the full story below:

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The person of interest has been arrested

Police detained Robert Cremo, who has been identified as an individual of interest in the shootings of the July Voth motorcade in Illinois, late Monday.

Andrew Bunkbomi has more:

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Investigators are asking for the public’s help

Investigators have requested public assistance in identifying the perpetrator and bringing him to justice.

Sgt. Chris Covelly, the Lake County District’s chief crime sergeant, urged witnesses to submit mobile phone footage or photos from the show and urged business owners to verify their surveillance footage.

“We are asking anyone with any video surveillance they have to please check your cell phones,” he said.

“If you’re taking pictures in Second and Central today, that might help the investigators. They might see something that might be useful and allow them to move forward with the investigation.”

“Any business owners in this area we would ask them to, please, review video surveillance. If you have any video surveillance of that area at the time, even if you don’t see anything there, we would love to be able to take a look at that so we can continue our investigation.”

Anyone who notices anything suspicious should call 911, the Highland Park Police Department at 847-432-7730, or the FBI Information Line at 800-CALL-FBI.

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