January 31, 2023

EU e-commerce giant Amazon has reportedly agreed to simplify the process of canceling its main membership in Europe after pressure from the European Union. The European Union has accused Amazon of displaying “multiple pages” with “distracting information” and “blurred button labels” when users try to cancel their Prime subscription.

the edge Reports That Amazon has agreed to simplify the process for canceling Prime in Europe, allowing customers in the region to terminate their membership in just two clicks instead of jumping through a number of unnecessary cancellation screens. it was the news announced by the European Commission which stated that the changes were implemented on July 1 and should prevent Amazon from displaying “multiple pages” with “distracting information” and “blurred button labels” when users try to opt out of their Prime subscription.

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The European Commission said the new rules apply to both the EU and the European Economic Area, and although the UK will leave the EU in 2020, UK subscribers will also get the same benefits. When an Amazon spokesperson was asked if the same changes would be made in the US, he dodged the question, telling Vege that “there are no changes to announce at this time.”

An Amazon spokesperson stated:

Transparency and customer trust are our top priorities. By design, we make it clear and simple for customers to sign up or cancel their prime membership.

We constantly listen to feedback and look for ways to improve the customer experience, and we don’t have any changes to announce at this time.

Amazon agreed to make changes to the cancellation process after a Complaint from consumer groups in the European Union which developed a report on Amazon’s Prince cancelation process in 2021. The report included screenshots of multiple pages that users had to click to opt out, which it claimed included “manipulative design techniques” also known as “dark patterns.”

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