December 5, 2023

The death toll from the mass shooting at a July 4 parade in Highland Park rose to seven, with one victim dying of his injuries one day after the attack.

Lake County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Chief Christopher Coveley confirmed this New York times On Tuesday afternoon, a seventh victim had died.

The age and identity of the victim were not disclosed.

Six adults were killed Monday when a gunman opened fire from the rooftop of a store overlooking the Independence Day Parade Road in Illinois, 25 miles from Chicago.

Five of the victims died at the scene of the massacre, while the sixth died of his injuries in hospital.

Three of the deceased victims have so far been identified.

The family of Grandpa Nicholas Toledo, 76, confirmed his death Monday afternoon.

The elderly man, who holds dual American and Mexican citizenship, used a wheelchair and was sitting in it watching the show when he was shot.

Mr. Toledo’s granddaughter told the The New York Times They were “all in shock” and revealed that her grandfather didn’t want to go to the show but only agreed to go so he could participate in the festivities with his family.

The second victim was also identified Monday night as a devoted member of a local synagogue and the mother of a married daughter.

Nicholas Toledo was killed in a mass shooting in Highland Park, Illinois

(Toledo family)

The North Shore congregation in Israel remembered Jackie Sondheim as a ‘lifelong’ devotee and a ‘dear’ employee whose work, kindness and warmth we have all touched.

The family of 88-year-old Steve Strauss confirmed he was among the victims on Tuesday, with his niece praising the financial advisor who still takes the train to work in Chicago daily.

“He was an honest man who worked all his life. He shouldn’t have died this way,” she said.

In addition to the deceased, more than 30 other victims were taken to local hospitals for treatment.

No charges have yet been brought against alleged shooter Robert Cremo, with investigators saying they hope to announce the charges later on Tuesday.

North Shore congregation in Israel remembered Jackie Sondheim as ‘lifelong’ devotees


At a news conference Tuesday morning, Lake County Staff Sgt. Christopher Coveley said Cremo, 21, “planned his attack several weeks in advance” and wore women’s clothing as a camouflage so he could escape the scene in the aftermath of the attack. .

Surveillance footage captured him wearing a dress and long wig.

Investigators said Cremo wanted to blend in with the crowd of terrified showrunners fleeing the massacre site.

His plan worked and he returned to his mother’s house, where he borrowed her car.

The suspect was later tracked into the car and arrested on a highway Monday night.

The motive for the attack is still unknown.

Steve Strauss’ family confirmed his death on Tuesday

(Cynthia Strauss/Facebook)

Sgt. Covelli said Mr. Cremo legally purchased several firearms — including an AR-15 rifle used in the attack, a second rifle found in his car during his arrest and pistols found in his home — prior to the mass shooting.

Officials now face questions about whether the warning signs have been missed, as it has since emerged that Mr. Cremo posted several disturbing videos glorifying violence and mass shootings online prior to the attack.

President Joe Biden condemned the shooting and said it showed there was “a lot of work to be done” to tackle gun violence in America — the attack came just weeks after 21 students and teachers were killed in a mass shooting in Ovaldi, Texas, and 10 blacks were killed. Shot in a racist attack in Buffalo, New York.

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