December 3, 2023

Hours after the mass shooting at the July 4 parade in Illinois, which left six dead and dozens wounded, state Senator Darren Bailey asked Americans to come forward and celebrate.

“Let’s take action and celebrate this nation’s independence,” the Republican congressman said in a statement, the Daily Beast reported.

“We have to get corruption and evil out of our government.”

Former President Donald Trump supports Mr. Bailey in the race for Illinois governor.

Bailey, who was speaking on Facebook live from Skokie, a village about 20 minutes from Highland Park where the shooting took place, also praised law enforcement officials.

“They did a great job. There is a lot of confusion and frustration to cancel the show but they did the right thing because the safety of the people must come first.” deputy.

Mr. Bailey ended the condolence prayer with a call to celebrate again.

“Bless us and protect us as we go about our day celebrating the most wonderful country,” he said.

A shooting broke out Monday morning at the Fourth of July parade in downtown Highland Park about 10 minutes after the Independence Day celebrations began.

Police stated that Robert Cremo is a significant figure in the shooting.

After facing backlash for his comments, Bailey issued an apology.

“I apologize if we have in any way diminished the pain we are feeling across our state today,” he said through a spokesperson for The Daily Beast.

“I hope we can all work together in prayer and work to address rampant crime and mental health issues to make sure these horrific tragedies don’t happen again.”

Meanwhile, current Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker has highlighted the need for stricter post-shooting gun laws.

“Yes, I am angry. We as a nation deserve better. Let us pray for the injured and those still in hospital tonight. May the memory of those we lost today be a blessing and a call to action,” he was quoted as saying to reporters.

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