December 6, 2023

He wants to play in the Champions League and has doubts about United’s ability to compete for major titles in the next few years.

Ronaldo believes he has another “three or four years” at elite level, and Mark Goldbridge of United Coliseum has taken a stand against fans frustrated with the five-time Ballon d’Or winner.

Goldbridge believes the anger must be directed at the hierarchy of Manchester United and its owners, the Glazers, after years of complacency.

“We embarrassed ourselves,” he declared. “I don’t think a lot of fans, I don’t think the club itself realizes how embarrassing this is. One of the club legends goes back for a year, sees how bad things are and says ‘You know what, that’s my eye’ for Manchester United.”

“And anyone who says that shows he’s not a legend because he doesn’t want to stay and fight, wait a minute. Don’t make yourself your stupid. How can you say Ronaldo doesn’t like this club if he wants to leave?”

“He doesn’t recognize this club. Like you don’t know this club.”

Ronaldo returned to United last summer and scored 24 goals in all competitions, 18 of them in the Premier League.

However, it was a disastrous season for the Red Devils and they finished sixth with 58 points, their lowest tally in the Premier League era.

Image Credit: Alami

Goldbridge continued: “We all love Manchester United. Ronaldo loves Manchester United and he definitely loves you fans. He plays under players who own that club and don’t know them. Who knows they aren’t ambitious. Glazer owns Manchester United. Not you, nor Ronaldo, the Glazers own Manchester United. And they don’t show any ambition.

“Cristiano Ronaldo loves Manchester United and he certainly loves you, the fans, but he sees day in and day out from behind closed doors how a mess it is.

Image Credit: Alami
Image Credit: Alami

“Believe me, behind closed doors, this club is an absolute joke. Inside every department there are people who can check if they are not afraid of losing their jobs.

“Cristiano Ronaldo sat there over the summer and went ‘What is this club doing?’ , just like you.”

Chelsea are said to be interested in the deal and Bayern Munich has also been linked.

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