December 3, 2023

Frisco, Texas (AFP) – The Dallas Cowboys drew criticism on social media Tuesday after announcing a marketing agreement with a pistol-themed coffee company with blends including “AK-47 Espresso,” “Silencer Smooth,” and “Murdered Out.” .

The partnership was with Black Rifle Coffee Co. revealed on twitter The next day, more than six people were killed in a shooting at the Fourth of July parade in a Chicago suburb.

It also comes just over a month after the Cowboys announced their turn to donate $400,000 to support victims and survivors of the Ovaldi, South Texas, school shooting, where 19 students and two teachers died.

The tweet announcing the deal between “Team America” ​​and “Coffee America” ​​drew about 200 comments in the first few hours, most of them criticism and suggesting that the timing of the announcement was poor.

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