December 9, 2023

The Conservative government of Prime Minister Boris Johnson is facing the “biggest electoral disaster” since 1997, Brexit leader Nigel Farage has warned amid the growing scandal surrounding former MP Whip Chris Pincher.

As the Prime Minister and other figures in the government face accusations of lying to the public about whether they were aware of sexually inappropriate behavior by former Conservative MP Christopher Pincher, veteran political activist Nigel Farage has predicted the government will face a similar downfall to the John Major administration in 1997 when a series of corruption scandals led to the fall of the Conservative Party to Tony Blair’s left-wing Labor Party.

“It is no exaggeration to say that today we are facing one of the biggest crises of confidence in the government and the people who run us that I have ever seen,” Mr. Farage He said Tuesday.

“This is a government built on lies, they think they can get out of any situation,” he added, and went on to warn that if Johnson remains in office, the Conservatives “are headed toward the biggest electoral disaster since 1997, it could be worse.”

“Now is the time to see if the party can be saved or if it will be dragged downhill with Johnson and a group of college students ranked 10th,” Farage declared.

Last week, Boris Johnson’s former vice president Christopher Pincher resigned from his position in the whip office after allegations surfaced that he sexually groped two men at the Carlton Club in London.

While Pincher admitted he “drank a lot” on the night in question and “embarrassed” himself, as well as seeking professional medical support, he has so far denied any criminal conduct. Despite the denials, he has removed the Tory whip from him in the House of Commons, which means he now sits in Parliament as an independent MP.

After it emerged that there had been previous allegations of a similar nature against Pincher, Downing Street denied that Mr Johnson had any knowledge of specific charges against Pincher. However, the BBC has mentioned That the matter was brought to the attention of the Prime Minister in 2019.

On Tuesday, Parliamentary Standards Commissioner Lord Simon MacDonald criticized the government for failing to explain its story about the growing scandal.

Former Chief Civil Servant of the State Department Same Various statements on this issue from Number 10 to “telling the truth and crossing your fingers at the same time hoping people won’t be too forensic in their subsequent interrogation.”

He said a group of State Department officials had “complained to me about Mr. Pincher’s behavior” and that “the allegations were in substance similar to those made about his conduct at the Carlton Club”.

“Mr Johnson was personally briefed on the initiation and results of the investigation,” which reportedly led to Pincher apologizing without facing any disciplinary action.

While Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab claimed that the Prime Minister had not been informed of such allegations, Lord MacDonald said: “I know the senior official briefed the Prime Minister personally because that official told me so at the time.

“Such complaints about ministers are very rare, very sensitive, and dealt with at the highest level, and so I have had the help and support of the Cabinet Office throughout the investigation.”

Even before the Pincher affair, Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government was mired in a series of scandals, leading to a 1922 committee of Conservative MPs holding a vote of confidence on the future of his leadership last month. Although Johnson survived the vote, which under current rules must prevent another vote from taking place for a year, there have been calls for the committee’s rules to be changed to allow another vote to take place sooner.

Conservative First Deputy Sir Roger Gill He said: “I have been saying for days that I am not in favor of changing the rules of the 1922 commission to allow another vote of confidence within one year. Lord McDonald’s letter has changed my view.

Three days ago, Johnson had been sending ministers – in one case a minister – to defend the indefensible, effectively lying on his behalf. This cannot be allowed to continue.”

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