December 4, 2023

July 5th update at 2:30 PM ET: On Monday afternoon, Respawn and EA released a new patch Saying he should fix the problemAnd after playing around for a bit, I can confirm that it has a consistent input lag with all the consoles I’ve used on the Xbox Series X.

Last week, a battle royale shooter from EA Apex Legends Launch a “Collect Event”, which is short for a limited time setup mostly related to players purchasing a set of cosmetics from the in-game store. The only problem is that this time a massive update has made the game almost unplayable for many people on consoles.

Without warning, battle royale shooter controls are usually tight and responsive — an amount known to Respawn Entertainment games ever since. fall of titan and his reflection Call of duty Legacy – becoming slow, lagging and often unresponsive. Even worse, just playing the game can make your control inputs feel shifting even in the dashboard, and while using other games; Restarting the console seems to fix this problem.

Gamers have found one way to reliably address the problem, by rolling back the firmware on some Xbox wireless controllers, which confirmed that it works and you can read on for the steps on how to do it.

Finally, on July 5th around 1 PM ET, after the gathering event and limited time mode ended, a new update arrived that appears to fix the issues. Other than the length of time it took to fix the issue, I also wish there was an in-game notification of some sort to tell players what’s going on. As it stands, nothing on the message boards shows up when you sign in, and many people on Xbox have noticed something wrong but didn’t know it was broken because of the patch, and they probably don’t know it’s fixed now.

Most gamers seem to be complaining about the Xbox Series X, especially when paired with one of Microsoft’s Elite gamepads. Without any specific information about what the problem is, I can only describe what I went through, a combination of delays, as well as detecting a failed entry that can make it difficult to do things like use firearms, change directions, or even pick up items from the ground. After experimenting with it a bit over the weekend, I noticed that input lag was a huge problem while playing on Xbox Series X and Series S, using both the Elite 2 gamepad, as well as newer Xbox Series gamepads that include the Share button.

The acknowledgment of the problem by the developers has been specified with Husband From Reply to tweets last week And the One Monday afternoon, saying the team was continuing to investigate. However, not everyone who plays the game follows their official Twitter account or delves into the responses to find the raw data, leaving many players in the dark about what might happen while trying to play a competitive shooter with controls that don’t. work.


I’ve said it a lot but I really like Apex, it has items that keep bringing me back, but I’m almost done. Respawn shows no interest in listening to the majority of its player base, only high profile or “pro” viewers get their voices heard and the changes they cry for aren’t the best for the Apex community. I know I can’t be alone with this feeling. #climax #creative # Hahaha #xbox

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As it stands, people playing the game are left to discover the problem themselves and pass on possible solutions. I’ve tried some, such as the controller firmware being updated or not, or connecting the board with USB instead of playing wirelessly. . Of those, connecting the gamepad seems to help a little, but it’s still not as responsive as it once was. What I saw was Consistent with some reports posted on Redditwhere plugging seems to fix the failed input detection issue without resolving the lag and stuttering. This post highlights How after playing? climaxthey experienced system-wide input lag on the dashboard and in other games, which I’ve also noticed.

Before the release of a patch that resolved issues without player intervention, players found at least one thing that reliably mitigated the issue. For folks with a second-generation Elite gamepad, returning the console to the Xbox One version of the console’s firmware, for some reason, returns the input to a bootable state. I’ve tried this myself, and while the issue is so hard to perceive that I can’t tell if it’s completely fixed, the game felt noticeably better and is completely playable.

This post on Reddit It has instructions on what to do, following them it solves input lag while trying to play Apex Legends On Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles. Will Need a PC with Windows 10 or 11 (If you’re on a Mac, installing Windows in Boot Camp should work), that’s where you can Install the Xbox Accessories app from the Microsoft Store.

Once you have it, just use a USB cable to connect the Elite 2 controller. Then you won’t actually be using the app itself, because it doesn’t have a built-in button for the function you need. Alternatively, open the Windows boot menu (you can do this by pressing the Windows key on your keyboard and the letter r at the same time), and type this entire string, without anything else around it:

xboxaccessories: \\ firmwareupdate? legacyDowngrade = true

Xbox Accessories App Firmware Reset Confirmation Screen
Photo: Richard Lawler

Press the OK button. Then the app will open and ask you to confirm if this is what you want to do. Say yes by pressing the button above called “Revert Firmware”, and it will install the older firmware on the console. When you use your gamepad with your Xbox, it will tell you that a new update is available. You can bypass that by pressing the Xbox button on the console and play as usual, and if it works as it did on my system you should have a much better experience, and I haven’t noticed any issues with other games either.

My Halo Edition Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 displayed version 5.13.3143.0 when it was updated to the latest firmware available. After using the downgrade command to go back to the firmware, version 4.8.1908.0 was listed.

I tried the same process on two standard Xbox Wireless controllers, both newer models with the share button. The program won’t allow undo, and trying to run Apex Legends with either one still has input lag. One was updated to the latest available firmware (5.13.3146.0), the other to an older version (5.11.3118.0).

Xbox Elite Series 2

The Xbox Elite Series 2 is easily one of our favorite controllers in the game the edge. It’s an improvement over the already excellent Elite controller, with deep customization, optional rear paddle buttons, an interchangeable D-pad and analog sticks that allow you to tailor its layout to suit your own playing style.

Oddly enough, this might not be the only game with this problem on Xbox, like MLB Show 22 Players complained of similar problemsBut it wasn’t inside Apex Legends Prior to last week’s update.

The Awakening event It included a chance to play the beloved Control Mode once again, which is an opportunity for new or new players to give game characters a spin in a team deathmatch-style setting more forgiving than the game’s standard battle royale mode or 3v3 arena options.

Apex Legends – The Lifeline Possession Site at the Edge of the World
Photo: Respawn Entertainment

She has also modified one of the game’s original characters, Lifeline, with greater healing powers to align with a specific section on her assigned World’s Edge map, and for those who collect all of her items, gain access to a special Valkyrie legacy item. The developers have also put in place some long-awaited changes to the ranked game system which will come into effect soon. All would be great if playing the game on Xbox wasn’t a painful experience, which seems like an insult added to the infection after last week’s update They also cut off Xbox players for hours in the morning. For some reason, the new version of the game began to be downloaded to consoles very early, and since the servers were not ready, it means that you can not play this game only online at all, and even trying to play it on Xbox was enough to start the update.

while, on me Apex Legends Mobile (Developed by a separate team), players have more than just working servers and controls. They gain access to a mobile-exclusive Legend, as well as features that players have requested in the main game. This includes abilities added to characters such as thief Luba, who is able to snatch resurgence banners for defeated teammates using her ultimate ability, or “anthropomorphic crook” Mirage who sends traps that look like his teammates rather than just himself.

with climax On the platform I usually use (and where I’ve unlocked many in-game items), I’ve tried the mobile version. It’s not really enough to get to the place – even while using a real controller via bluetooth – but I appreciate what the team behind it has been able to achieve. For now, it only reflects where the core game has failed, both in terms of usability and communication about whatever issue occurs.

The downside to the rollback fix was that it only works with Elite 2 gamepads. A workaround that requires skipping update menus, and the $179.99 console isn’t a great solution at all, even if it works at the moment. Respawn’s first patch since it was annoying didn’t fix the entry issue, and the only notable change was a new $5 denomination to buy in-game currency.

As some of the people who responded to this post on social media pointed out, this isn’t the only problem you’re facing Apex Legends At the moment – in-game audio seems to be broken more than usual, Loba’s teleportation bracelet fails more often than it works, voice communications from players on Xbox are almost completely useless with compressed and strained audio, as well as various complaints about matchmaking Between players, scoring, scoring in ranked play and more. Some people called for a boycott of the game throughout August to press for changes.

Now the input lag issue has been corrected, and players can keep up with the team’s progress in tackling various issues Via the Trello board. However, as mentioned above, the list of issues players are complaining about still has quite a few entries, and we’ll see if the calls for #NoApexAugust get past this particular issue.

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