December 5, 2023

Barcelona have announced the signing of Frank Kessie and Andreas Christiansen, but the club cannot register them to play yet.

The club announced, on Monday, the contracts of Casey and Christiansen, after the expiration of their contracts in Milan and Chelsea, respectively.

However, not all good news for Xavi, with acclimatization Report that the club cannot afford to register players to play, as they are still above the maximum wage.

Instead, it should be used to balance the books from last season, with the club staying behind where it should be despite getting a lot of money off the wage bill.

While their financial plight meant that Lionel Messi was unable to stay last summer, the club subsequently signed Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Ferran Torres, and Adama Traore.

They’ve balanced the books somewhat, with Philippe Coutinho and Dani Alves departing this summer, and Ousmane Dembele’s contract also expired.

Barcelona wants to sell de Jong, but he does not want to leave. Photo: scientific

The sale of De Jong is sure to help, as his wages are off the bill and around £60m in transfer fees also helps boost any income.

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