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Amazon Prime Video Expands Watch Party to More Streaming Devices, Smart TVs

Amazon is making it easier to watch movies and TV shows with your friends remotely by expanding Watch Party availability to more devices.

Prime Video Watch Party allows up to 100 people to watch a show together while chatting. But as TechCrunch Reports(Opens in a new window)Until now, you needed to use your desktop browser, Fire TV device, or the Prime Video app on iOS or Android to share. This is no longer the case.

Amazon has expanded the options to smart TVs and streaming devices, including the Roku range of players, and even Xbox and PlayStation game consoles.

The feature is still only available to US viewers, however, anyone trying to use a VPN to bypass the site lock will encounter an error message. Watch Party also requires a Prime membership or a Prime Video subscription, and while all participants sign up for access to free content, individuals must pay an additional fee for movies and TV shows that are only available for rental or purchase.

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You don’t need an Amazon Prime subscription to host a movie night remotely. Various browser extensions allow you to stream Netflix and HBO Max as a group, while Disney+, Hulu, Twitch, and other platforms have their own built-in group watching features.

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