January 29, 2023

The group was accused of attacking a man in Boston during White racist march on Saturday The city’s mayor said on Tuesday that he should be tried “to the fullest extent of the law.” Mayor Michelle Wu said an investigation was underway into the alleged assault.

Wu’s comments come after dozens of white supremacists demonstrated in downtown Boston on Saturday, CBS Boston reported.

One of the men, 34-year-old Charles Morell, said he was surrounded and attacked by men in armour, CBS Boston mentioned. He said the alleged assault caused him to have injuries to his head, hand, and eyebrow.

Boston Police He told CBS Boston They responded to the area with reports of assault, and the victim was taken to receive surgical sutures. They said the caller told them that he had been pushed by the group of men and that he swung his arm to escape before the men knocked him down and kicked him.

CBS Boston mentioned That the men, some of whom carried flags and police shields, were members of the white supremacist “Patriot Front.” CBS Boston said the men wore T-shirts that read “Get back America,” and some were carrying American flags and police shields. No arrests were made.

The march of white supremacy through Boston
The group addresses the BPL as they march in Boston on July 2, 2022 in Boston, Massachusetts.

Stuart Cahill / Media News Group / Boston Herald

Wu said Tuesday that the investigation into the alleged attack was hampered by the fact that the men were wearing masks. But Boston Police Chief Greg Long said a large amount of the videos had been found, adding that charges would be brought if the men could be identified.

Robert Tristan, ADL New England regional director, told CBS Boston that more than 100 Patriots members were in attendance.

“People are calling it a protest, but I think we need to take a look at everything we’ve seen and heard that actually has all indications of an act of defiance, an act of intimidation,” Tristan said.

This incident comes about a month after another group of men, who are also believed to be members of the National Front, were exposed Arrested near a pride event In Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. The 31 men were found in U-Haul, and police said they likely intended to riot, noting that authorities found shields and at least one smoke grenade inside the truck.

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