December 4, 2023

Germany’s family minister has now suggested that “abortion techniques” should become part of a doctor’s medical training.

Lisa Baus, the German Green Party’s family minister, suggested that normal medical training for doctors should include “abortion methods”.

Her call comes shortly after the country liberalized abortion laws, lifting a ban on public advertising of the service despite protests from politicians opposed to the ruling left-wing coalition.

according to Report by die zeitBowes believes that liberalizing the country’s abortion laws has not gone far enough.

“We should not stop there,” the bulletin reported that the minister said. “Different medical approaches to abortion should be part of doctors’ training, for example.”

To that end, Paus has reportedly been in touch with the country’s lockdown-loving health minister, Karl Lauterbach, regarding the possibility of making her wish a reality.

It is also said that Paus was interested in seeing the reference to abortion withdrawn from German criminal law, as the minister had reportedly expressed his belief that the reference to a life-ending procedure did not belong there.

It comes shortly after the German government repealed the law late last week as part of efforts to further liberalize the country’s abortion system, and lift a ban on advertisements for abortion services by doctors.

This happened on the same day that the US Supreme Court ruled that the US Constitution does not include any abortion rights, and that individual US states can instead decide to legislate the matter in any way they like.

The liberalization of Germany’s abortion law led by the left-wing coalition government “Traffic Light” has been condemned by a number of opposition parties with seats in Parliament, with both the Populist Alternative Party (AfD) and Christlich Demokratische Union (Centrist). CDU) come out to oppose this move.

In a statement regarding the matter, CDU legal policy spokesman Dr Gunter Krings said that “unblocking ads is a mistake”, with the party official saying the move was an affront to the dignity of the newborn.

Moreover, Krings also claimed that the parliamentary move actually represented a political reversal of a decision made by German courts on abortion, which is problematic for the concept of separation of powers within the German state.

“This ultimately undermines confidence in our rule of law,” he added.

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