November 28, 2023
  • 5G has the ability to provide higher bandwidth and more accurate data to the enterprise.
  • Many startups are using 5G to help companies communicate and automate systems.
  • From private networks to chips, these startups are worth your bet on as 5G continues to expand.

5G has the potential to be a game changer for the enterprise. More than half of companies plan to invest in 5G by 2025, according to recent study From 1,000 organizations conducted by the research firm EY.

There are many potential benefits that companies can reap by adopting 5G technology. Higher speeds allow for More accurate and accurate location data5G provides more bandwidth to transmit large data sets. can be safer.

Additionally, 5G has also been praised by many for its low latency connections, which means data has to travel a much shorter distance to be processed. Some companies are using 5G to Shipping process automationAnd the Improve quality controlAnd the Inventory account.

However, it might be interesting to take a full look at the 5G landscape. To get a better idea of ​​the emerging technologies, use cases for 5G, and what companies are doing to make the technology standard useful for the enterprise space, Insider has compiled a list of several startups working to bring the new service to customers and consumers alike.

The work of these companies ranges from creating private 5G networks to artificial intelligence. The startups on this list were evaluated on funding, leadership, and other criteria to help determine which ones will stay.

All ratings are according to Pitchbook data unless otherwise noted.

These are the 5G companies worth betting on, in order at least for the most capital raised:

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