December 2, 2023

“I miss KB”.

It’s a statement that thousands of NBA fans have uttered over the past two years in reference to the late great Kobe Bryant, who died in a helicopter crash in January 2020.

But this song carried a tone that was much different from those of the majority in basketball. That’s because of the singer who released the song: Jenny Boss, who probably represents the elite of the basketball royal group.

This got Fox Sports’ Skip Bayliss thinking about the message Boss was trying to send — and to whom.

The Lakers’ controlling owner and head coach referred to Bryant in a sad tweet, adding that he would “understand and explain everything I’m not allowed to.”

Boss went on to sing of Bryant’s praises: “Honestly, he was the greatest Laker ever. He got the team on himself. That means your rewards will come if you value the team’s goals over yours and then everything falls into place.”

It was a plea that she obviously wanted audiences to see, closing her sentiments with “Everyone can respond” at the bottom. Replies to Buss Tweets are usually only allowed from people you follow on the app.

It was a message full of hidden meanings, and it required a master decoder to reveal its true purpose.

Bayliss interpreted it as a display of Buss’ insecurities, as well as an indirect take on LeBron James.

“I haven’t heard her refer to him as KB,” Bayliss said Monday on Undisputed. It stopped me in my tracks.

“The second line stunned me. I’m thinking ‘I’m not allowed to explain what?'” You’re in charge. This is your privilege. Your father inherited this privilege on you because he trusted you to run it the way he manages it. I’m like, ‘Jenny, don’t show any signs of weakness or insecurity here, because you’re not!’ I fully respect her stern stewardship of this franchise, and to show any signs of weakness, it shocked me a bit.

“She says that Kobe can understand and explain to the media what she should be. Well, that doesn’t reflect well on LeBron James, because right now, Kobe is your privilege. I’m not saying he’s better than Kobe – I don’t think he is – but he is. Gorgeous all the time and he’s still the face of basketball. As a confidant of him, don’t count on him like Kobe does. It’s disrespectful. I still think he’s stuck in her crawl, and she holds him accountable to Russell Westbrook.”

For Bayless, another Lakers legend was caught in a Buss tweet.

“Here’s a shot at Magic Johnson,” he claimed, “who, though he walked out the back door, now says he and Jenny’s brother/sister, and that they were still talking on the phone. Well, why not help out as a counsellor? The magic was something like a newbie.” Which is why there’s a show on HBO called “Winning Time” that’s all about charm and allure, and how, by the power of his will and personality, he put the Lakers on like they’ve never been before or since. She calls the Laker Nation, “Come, come.” Tell me I’m wrong.” I don’t think her father would do that [posted] Tweet like this.”

Kobe Bryant crowned Jenny Boss’ “Greatest Laker Ever” in a Mysterious Tweet | Not guilty

Kobe Bryant crowned

Los Angeles Lakers president and owner Jenny Boss tweeted last night, “I miss [Kobe Byrant]. He would understand and explain everything he wouldn’t let me. Honestly it was the greatest laker ever. The team has self-understanding. That is, your rewards will come if you evaluate the goals of the team over your own, then everything will fall into place. Everyone can reply. Skip Bayliss and Shannon Sharp decode the tweet and determine if it was a shot at Magic Johnson or LeBron James.

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