December 5, 2023

Virgil Fan rooster He’s considered one of the world’s coolest defenders, but he caught fire when Piers Morgan called out on Twitter.

The Liverpool man enjoyed a stellar year in 2019 and finished second in the balloon Role Rankings for Lionel Messi.

At the party in Paris, a reporter asked Fan rooster Around Cristiano RonaldoHis absence and reply was very tongue-in-cheek.

Cristiano Ronaldo I won’t be here tonight, so this is already a competitor I’m less interested in, “Fan rooster He was told, and he replied: It was Cristiano Ronaldo Really a competitor? “.

Morgan, a friend Ronaldoand summons 37-Year The greatest player ever, saw the quote on social media and said, “No..@Cristiano A much greater player, you’re not in his league.”

transportation car rooster were complementary to Ronaldo earlier in his interview and insulted Morgan thinking he was making fun of him.

The Netherlands international responded, “Hey Pierce, if you don’t jump in the social media bandwagon and listen to the entire interview, you’ll know I made a joke, and I only respect these guys.”

He’s clearly a guy who doesn’t want to get involved in an argument. fair play.

Morgan interview Ronaldo Back in 2019 and the pair have been close since then. Talk TV presenter is so talented Ronaldo Arsenal shirt.

Image Credit: Alami

United failed to qualify for the Champions League last season and finished sixth with his team The lowest level ever English Premier League points tally.

He reportedly witnessed the absence of contracts in the summer transfer period Ronaldo Ask to walk away if a suitable offer is made.

The five times balloon The role winner wants to play in the Champions League as well, something Arsenal don’t have, but it hasn’t stopped Morgan from trying.

He tweeted a picture of himself with him Ronaldo and her partner, Georgina Rodriguez, and commented on that headline: “It’s time @Cristiano #afc”.

The Red Devils begin their season at home against Brighton & Hove Albion on August 7.

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