March 4, 2024

A British Member of Parliament warned on Sunday that the “global obsession” with getting a coronavirus vaccine to children was having unintended consequences for other routine, less-than-priority vaccinations.

write to Daily TelegraphEsther McVeigh, co-chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on the Pandemic Response, warned The global coronavirus outbreak has seen “one case prioritized above all else, including life-saving vaccines against childhood diseases”.

The former Cabinet Secretary argued that the resurgence of polio in the UK “could be the latest example of how this approach is causing collateral damage that would have been completely avoidable”.

“It is time for us to admit that our treatment was worse than the disease, especially for children,” she added.

As Breitbart News reported last month, parents living in London have been asked to ensure their children are fully immunized against polio after traces of the disease were found in the capital’s sewage system.

This news came just two weeks after the start of the World Health Organization (WHO) note The infrastructure for coronavirus vaccination must remain in place to ensure that other diseases such as polio can be faced in the future.

McPhee said the first effects of polio 40 years ago are a “worrying development” but “not surprising to the many experts who have warned of the unintended consequences of our narrow focus on Covid-19.” continued:

Last summer, we were specifically warned that children are not getting the vital vaccines for cancer, meningitis, and other devastating conditions like polio. Are we now paying the price for the global Covid mania?

She went on to argue by allocating countless government health resources to responding to the pandemic, “We have disrupted access to routine health care and critical immunizations. Stay-at-home messages kept patients away from appointments and convinced health practitioners that it was appropriate to postpone their services.”

McPhee said the next investigation into the coronavirus in the UK should examine the impact of the pandemic on the boycott of routine vaccinations for children and the long-term effects on their health.

She concluded her speech by calling for “transparency” before adding, “We need integrity. We need clarity and bold leadership from officials. Only then can we begin to restore lost confidence in the authorities responsible for protecting and promoting public health.”

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