December 6, 2023

Singer Ricky Martin is resisting reports that officials in Puerto Rico have issued a restraining order related to domestic violence against him.

Martin’s team has retracted the reported court filing, New York Post mentioned Sunday. “The allegations against Ricky Martin that led to the issuance of a protection order are completely false and fabricated,” his spokesman said Sunday in a statement to the outlet. “We are absolutely confident that when the real facts in this matter emerge, our client Ricky Martin will be fully exonerated,” they said.

Police attended Martin’s upscale home in Dorado to serve the 50-year-old’s documents, but police spokesman Axel Valencia said he was not present at the time, the New York Post reported.

“So far, the police have not been able to find him,” Valencia said Saturday, according to the outlets. Local newspaper El Vocero Referred to The document states that “the petitioner fears for his safety.”

The person who allegedly requested the injunction and charged Martin with domestic violence has not been named, but reports indicate that the complainant is not Martin’s husband, Jwan Yusef, according to the New York Post.

The New York Post reported that Martin and the complainant dated for seven months, and allegedly the singer refused to accept their alleged relationship had ended. He was reportedly accused of making unwelcome visits near the complainant’s home at least three times. (Related: Ex-Britney Spears Gets Booked On Festive Charge For 3 Years After Breaking Into Pop Star’s Wedding)

Valencia said the complainant did not reach out for police help, but went directly to court over the allegations, the New York Post reported.

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