December 3, 2023

Joey Chestnut may not have broken his own world record at Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating in 2022, but he may have proven to be the biggest person in the eating competition.

A man dressed as Darth Vader rushed to the stage at the Chestnut 17th dog, holding a sign that read “EXPOSE SMITHFIELD DEATHSTAR” Which appears to be an animal rights issue in Utah. Regardless of the meaning behind the protest, it didn’t go well with Chestnut, who didn’t know what was going on out of a stranger bumping into him in the middle of the contest—so he choked Vader, before security dragged the man off the stage.

Joey went on to win easily by devouring 66 hot dogs and buns, but we’ll probably never see a fight in the middle of a competition again, especially one that features the greatest cannibal of all time.

4 Happy People, He’s Shaping Up To Be A Stranger.

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